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Special Agile CoP Leadership call

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

In this unrehearsed call, Joseph Flahiff will coach Liza Wood through the issue she decides to bring. Joseph has done no preparation, and does not know the problem that Liza is going to bring. This is just what it is like when team member comes to a coach for a 1:1 session.

The Concept of Customer Value

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

Every organization needs to build value for its customers to survive. How is this done? There is a critical view that the very existence of any organization is only to support the organization's customer.

Instructional Design: What You Need to Know Part 1

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

Many of us in the project management field become instructional designers based on the need to develop courses on project management, leadership, and a whole host of other topics. Without any formal teaching, however, developing courses relies on our own experience and our role as subject matter experts in addition to common sense. This webinar is the first in a series of webinars to provide the attendee with a process as well as the tools and techniques of instructional design to actually develop courses.

How to Increase Project Success with Risk Analysis

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

"Risk analysis is a technique used to identify and assess factors that may jeopardize the success of a project or achieving a goal.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Risk_analysis_%28business%29 ).Whilethat makes a snappy definition, what does it actually mean, and more importantly, how does one perform a risk analysis for to ensure that your information is adequately protected?In this session we will explore why a risk analysis is a vital part of an overall risk strategy and propose an 8 step process performing a high-quality risk analysis.

Leadership vs. Management - Manashi Ghosh

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

It has been long debated as to whether leadership and management are overlapping concepts or whether there’s indeed a difference between the two. While leadership means influencing people by providing inspiration, vision, credibility, and strength of conviction, management on the other hand requires structure, processes, planning, and control. Organizations therefore long for great leaders and need competent managers for sustainable growth, innovation and learning. This webinar aims to explore the many facets of leadership and management, the basic differences between them, and the common ground where they stand together.The presenter talks about performance management, change management, and employee engagement which are crucial for the success of any organization and how managers and leaders play crucial role in development of all these ingredients necessary for providing the organization sustainable competitive advantage.

The Four Levels of Agile Requirements

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

This webinar is dedicated to discussing the 4 levels of requirements and why it is important to gather the right level at the right time and not dive into the details too early. Sally Elatta will discuss 4 techniques for slicing EPICs into smaller deliverables and also share how you can use Business Value Points for prioritizing features. Whether or not you’re using Agile, you will absolutely walk away with tips to help you improve your current requirements approach.

Is your project ethical?

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

How to tell whether a project is ethically questionable.-- Consider immediate, short and long-term consequences.-- Ethical ways to handle a morally questionable project.-- Refuse to participate-- Participate but change-- Report (internally or externally) -- Mustering personal courage-- Balancing interests-- Living a principled life-- Inspirational examples

Q3 Town Hall Webinar

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

Practical tools they can apply immediately at work.Webinar attendees will learn:1. How to engage your workforce by demystifying innovation and creating a culture of breakthrough thinking and functional innovations 2. Why a structured process can produce 500% MORE useful IDEAS than traditional brainstorming3. What practical tools exist to stimulate innovative thinking across your organization– starting today

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Simplifying Innovation: A Framework for Finding Hidden Innovation Capacity

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

Innovation author and consultant Mike Dalton makes a bold claim: 50% or more of your new product innovation capacity is hiding in plain sight. That's right - even in the best of companies, half of new product resources (Marketing, R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing Scale-Up and Sales) end up as waste. In this highly interactive and engaging session, you will experience some of the root causes for this waste as well as learn steps you can begin taking to double new product throughput with your existing resources.

Innovation: Applied Innovation for Real People

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

You no doubt understand why innovation is needed in your organization. But do you struggle with the how?Innovation is a strategic lever you can use to grow your business and remain competitive. While you no doubt recognize “why” innovation is needed, you may struggle with “how” to do it. In this presentation,we will explain how organizations can embed innovation as a key capability by equipping individuals and teams with a structured process and

Meaningful Use Stage 2: Destination - Attestation

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

Travel with Gregory Brown, Sr. Program Manager, as he shares practical tips that the University Of Missouri Healthcare system took to become one of the first ten hospitals in the United States to attest to Stage 2 Meaningful Use. Gregory will share the roadblocks and detours encountered before coming to the realization that there was no easy, direct path to get to their destination of attestation. He will also interweave solid project management lessons throughout the presentation.

Franchise Management: An innovative approach to the PMO

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

The shift from command and control to servant leader is essential to the large scale application self-directed teams and agile. Under this model the PMO provides services to projects and treats project managers as customers. Using LEAN Pull techniques ensures the PMO is always focused on what projects need and want most. The result is a leaner PMO and a more satisfied customer community.

Leadership When the Project Crashes

on-demand webinar

The odds are essential that some point in your career, you are going to be in the Project Management Hot Seat. The Project your managing, or a project in your Program, is causing major problems for the business and your name is all over it.

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