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Project HEADWAY: A Practical Guide To Managing Quality

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

If you struggle with how to manage quality, are concerned with how to demonstrate success or are overwhelmed with what is necessary (and what is overkill), then this is the webinar for you. Mark Mullaly introduces a practical, pragmatic approach to managing quality that will provide a lot of value without an entirely reasonable amount of effort.

Project HEADWAY: A Pragmatic Approach To Program Management

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

Join Mark Mullaly as he delves into the different and distinct world of program management. Whether you are a project manager looking to broaden your understanding, a program manager trying to better navigate your world or an executive trying to more effectively deliver strategic undertakings, this presentation is one you won’t want to miss.

Mentoring: Key Competency for Program/Project Professionals

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

This presentation several definitions for mentoring, describes various types of mentoring relationships, explains how to set up a mentoring program, and emphasizes when mentoring is appropriate. It concludes with five skills to consider for effective mentoring.

Pillars of Leadership and Professional Growth (HRCOP)

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

This introduction to the foundational principles of leadership and professional development will present you with an opportunity to learn the building blocks of sustainable leadership upon which you can build more successes both as project managers and as a professional.

Processes that Accelerate Time to Market

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

We all understand that Innovation can be a non-linear process. It is often counter-intuitive to effectively implement Processes that also enhance Creativity and Innovation. This Webinar will explore examples of effective Process implementation that truly enabled Innovation.

Project HEADWAY: The Next 10 Years: How Will PM Change?

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

In this presentation, Mark Mullaly explores how project management has evolved to date, and the current state of project management practice. In particular, he examines the forces and influences that are shaping project management, and the uncertainties that the discipline faces. If you are a project manager, an executive responsible for project management, or the leader of a project management office, this presentation is for you. Join us for this in-depth exploration of how the discipline and practice of delivering effective change may continue to evolve in the coming decade.

Requirements Management Top Tips

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

This webinar, a repeat performance of a presentation of the same name at the PMI 2014 NA Congress in Phoenix reveals the top requirements management tips as collected by your RqM Council leaders Beth Ouellette and Mike Frenette.

Becoming a Project Management Trailblazer in Government

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

This webinar will speak to best practices in how you can be a “Trailblazer” or a Champion for Project Management in your Government Organization and taking your project management career to the next level.

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Upcoming Project Management Webinars

Project HEADWAY: Finding & Being A PM Mentor

March 19th, 2015
PREMIUM webinar

Some of the most successful leaders in business today attribute their career results to the influence and guidance of mentors. And yet, for many of us, how to find and select a mentor—or how to approach the role if we are asked—is a mystery. We peel back the curtain and explore the mentorship role in detail.

Project HEADWAY: A PM’s Guide To Business

April 16th, 2015
PREMIUM webinar

What do project managers really need to understand about the businesses they support—and business in general—to be successful? A primer on the essential business skills that every project manager should understand.

Project HEADWAY: Managing Change: Whose Job Is It Anyway?

May 21st, 2015
PREMIUM webinar

Change management is recognized as large, complicated, messy and yet critical to the delivery of project value. Where does it fit in the process of project management, how does it work, and whose job is it anyway?

Project HEADWAY: Politics & Process: A Guide To Establishing Strategic Alignment

June 18th, 2015
PREMIUM webinar

We know that our projects are supposed to be responsive to organizational strategy, and should represent the top priorities of the organization. Yet establishing alignment is often dismissed as ‘doing portfolio management.’ What project managers really need to know about ensuring priority and understanding alignment.

Project HEADWAY: Managing Innovation: Just An Oxymoron?

July 16th, 2015
PREMIUM webinar

Innovation and creativity are often referred to as interchangeable ideas. And there is a strong sense that creativity is a product of inspiration and sudden insight. So can innovation be managed? And what would that look like?

Project HEADWAY: Revisiting Program Management: Structuring To Deliver Value

August 27th, 2015
PREMIUM webinar

Following up on our well-attended January webinar, this presentation delves further into the world of program management. When programs are a vehicle essential to the effective delivery of value, how do you best structure them to be successful? And what does success look like?

Project HEADWAY: Revisiting Team Building: Exploring Strategies That Work

September 17th, 2015
PREMIUM webinar

The essential framework for developing teams has been largely unchanged for nearly 50 years. Yet evidence suggests that what really contributes to team development requires a different approach and perspective than simply forming, storming, norming and performing.

Project HEADWAY: Managing As If Value Mattered

October 15th, 2015
PREMIUM webinar

Most projects are sold on a business case. And yet, the business case often is developed before the project starts, and benefits realization goes on far beyond the close of the project. What role does the project manager have in benefits realization, and how should they be approaching their role?

Project HEADWAY: A Practical Guide To Risk Management

November 19th, 2015
PREMIUM webinar

Risk management is arguably the single most influential activity in successfully managing projects. It can also be extremely expensive and time consuming, while still leaving projects exposed to the unknown. How can project managers practically anticipate risk and manage it appropriately?

Project HEADWAY: Developing The Next Generation

December 17th, 2015
PREMIUM webinar

One of the greatest responsibilities in any discipline is ensuring the development of those who come after. As a new generation of prospective project managers enters the workforce, how can we effectively support their skill development and growth?

Upcoming Vendor Webinars

Change, Complexity and Lean Canvas Applied to Santa Inc

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

Project launch time is looming in Santa Land. December 24th is a strict deadline. Workers are frantic, frenzied, frazzled, and full of fret. Come listen in as the Elfin Spirit of Lean Illumination shares with a distressed Toy factory leader the Meaning of Lean Change Management.

Decision Making: Perils and Remedies

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

Why do even professionals with extensive experience make lousy decisions? Whether it’s recruiting or bid evaluation, management has to make crucial decisions on a regular basis. But, regardless of how critical the decision may be, many managers find it hard to even entertain the idea that they might be making sub-optimal decisions.

Five Competencies to Successfully Drive Strategic Initiative

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

Come and learn how define yourself as a strategic project leader who leads and sustains transformational initiatives by serving all parties. You will learn how to differentiate yourself from the pack of project, program managers and scrum masters by using self-directed leadership methods to become more strategic to your organization.

Projects are Easy - Change is Hard!

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

Project Management is creating value by delivering results and outcomes through people. Today’s organizations need to recognize the conscious awareness of the impacts and implications of how projects bring about change. This seminar session will uncover reasons for project challenges with change, offer tips for strategic approaches for project success and a framework to define success for projects in your portfolio.

The Relationship Between the PM and the BA

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

By attending this power session participants will learn how to incorporate the increasingly valuable role of the BA into the process of managing project stakeholders’ expectations. The presentation will focus on PM-BA collaboration opportunities to maximize benefits related to communications, understanding stakeholders’ needs, risk management, change control and quality management.

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