Redefining the PMO

2-day in-depth workshop - 12 Category A PDUs

Be a Business Driver, not a PMO passenger
WORKSHOP 1: Ready-To-Apply Examples of Business Driven PMO Success
Business Driven PMO Setup and Management with Mark Price Perry

There is no surer way to invite PMO difficulties than to rush into a cookie-cutter "people, process, tools" strategy and to "sell the PMO"--an approach still advocated by many today. This workshop first engages participants in a highly interactive session that reveals and corrects common misguided PMO strategies and then presents a bouquet of real-life PMO success stories based upon Perry’s newly released and third book in the Business Driven PMO series, Business Driven PMO Success Stories (2013), which attendees will receive as part of participating in this workshop.

Harmonizing Project Management and Agile – Viva la Revolution!
WORKSHOP 2: The Impact that Agile can have on a PMO
Harmonizing Project Management and Agile with Dave Prior

It is difficult to find an organization today that isn’t “trying” to go Agile.  Whether you are the only PM in your company or you are leading a PMO with global reach, the change is never easy. If you’ve been trained to work using traditional PM tools and practices, Agile transition can be especially daunting. This session will explore the impact that Agile can have on a PMO and the PMs working in a traditional organization. We’ll review some of the common myths that create friction between Agile and traditional approaches, explore ways you can take steps to better enable your organization to succeed, and get experience working with tools you can take back to use with your PMs and your PMO. Viva la Revolution!

Succeed by Managing the Portfolio Lifecycle: Ideas Through to Benefits Realization
WORKSHOP 3: Deliver Benefits that Matter - From Start to Finish
Portfolio Execution with Andy Jordan

Organizations only succeed when they have effective strategy execution, and PMOs can, and should, play a vital role in achieving that.  End to end portfolio management, combined with organization wide strategic risk management offer a dynamic one-two punch that can deliver significant business improvements.  Andy Jordan uses his signature high energy and engaging style to bring participants along the journey to a PMO that is the cornerstone of strategy execution.  Attendees will also receive a copy of Andy’s book Risk Management for Project Driven Organizations to help them implement the approaches discussed in the workshop.

Redefining the PMO: Issues, Opportunities, and Breakthrough Thinking
WORKSHOP 4: Open Space Meeting
All Attendees

Open Space Meetings are an amazingly powerful way to explore issues, discuss ideas, and achieve breakthrough thinking. Open Space Meetings are particularly useful for fully engaging all those who are truly passionate about and committed to a subject and, arguably, there is no greater shared bond that PMO practitioners have than their collective passion and commitment to the value proposition of a well-conceived, established, and run PMO. This workshop session utilizes the Open Space Meeting approach to tackle the top PMO-related issues, opportunities, and topics of the workshop attendees.  



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About the Presenters:

Andy Jordan, President, Roffensian Consulting Inc.
Andy Jordan PMP is the founder and president of Roffensian Consulting. Andy is a seasoned business professional with experience in many industries on two continents. After a career managing high profile, business critical projects for many organisations Andy moved into leadership of project management offices and built a reputation for building, rescuing and improving this key function. His approach of tailoring processes to the style and ability of the organisation, and focusing on the development of project staff rather than the short sighted approach of meeting project deliverables at all costs has repeatedly shown dramatic results. Moving beyond direct involvement in project, program and portfolio management and into consulting, Andy focused on working with companies to improve their capability to identify, prioritise and track the progress of key initiatives whether they were part of an ongoing evolution or to revolutionise the company through integration of an acquisition, organisational change management, etc. The recurring theme throughout Andy’s career has been a focus on achieving results through developing staff, both individually and in teams. Andy firmly believes that one of the key deliverables of a Roffensian Consulting engagement should be the development of client staff to improve their capability to undertake similar future initiatives without relying on outside consulting support. Andy’s résumé is rounded out by his engaging and approachable personality. Whether it be through written articles, teaching, or speaking engagements Andy delivers his message in a way that his audience can relate to, and with a style that keeps their attention. Andy’s new book, Risk Management for Project Driven Organizations is available now.

Dave Prior, Agile Shepherd, BigVisible Solutions
Dave Prior has been leading technology projects for the last 19 years. A former Agile skeptic who struggled for years trying to make the transition from a traditional (waterfall) approach to project management to Agile, Dave’s mission is helping others who come from a traditional background make the switch to Agile with less trouble than he did. His session is based on his experiences working as an Agile Coach helping companies in transition and a variety of projects he has worked on that required integrating Agile teams in to a traditional environment. Dave is a Certified Scrum Trainer and works for BigVisible Solutions as an Agile Consultant. He spends most of his time teaching Agile in the US and Europe, performing Agile assessments, volunteering for the Scrum Alliance as well as writing and doing podcasts for Projects at Work and Project Dave was also one of the contributing authors to Project Pain Reliever: A Just In Time Handbook for Anyone Managing Projects (2011).

Mark Price Perry, Executive Vice President and Founder, BOT International
Mark Price Perry is a servant-leader and recognized contributor in the PMO domain. Mark's workshop is an accumulation of insights and perspectives through his work with over 250 PMOs in organizations of all sizes and types, throughout North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In addition to frequent industry presentations and workshops, Mr. Perry is the author of Business Driven PMO Setup: Practical Insights, Techniques and Case Examples for Ensuring Success (2009), Business Driven Project Portfolio Management: Conquering the Top 10 Risks that Threaten Success (2011), and Business Driven PMO Success Stories: Across Industries and Around the World (2013).


"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened."

- Winston Churchill