My Venture into Pro Bono Project Management

by Tracy McKinney

When her employer asked her to volunteer for a program that would focus on project management skills and support nonprofit organizations across the country, this practitioner jumped at the chance. Read about her experience.

Never Too Young for Project Management

by Chinna Chinnakaruppan

We all do projects every day at home, school or work. Our life is one big project, and project management is a life skill everyone should learn and sustain...which prompted this PM to help start a pilot program for his daughter's sixth-grade class.

Shadow Time: A Volunteer Success Story

by Suzan Cho

Ever try creating a fun project that meshes some of your favorite professional organizations you volunteer for with something you believe in? This practitioner led a rewarding initiative for 30 high school students.

The Death of the Project Manager

by Denise Thompson

Why do we have people who are doing the work and designing new ways of leading projects, yet it’s project managers—who don’t do the work or design the methodologies—who feel equipped to lead all projects in the organization and deliver value in the process?

How to Become a High-Level Project Manager

by Jose Roberto Calvacante Alves

Excellence takes time...and project management is no different. Here are some tips on how to improve your skills and become a stronger PM.

Being a Good Business Analyst

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Sometimes, the life of a project manager veers into business analysis. How can you keep your head up as a project manager while also being a good business analyst?

Examining the Agile Experience Requirement

by Mike Griffiths

Have you been thinking about getting your PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® credential but are put off by the agile experience requirement? Fear not, you might have the experience you need even if you have not been working on a pure agile project. This article explores the prerequisites elements and explains what you need to qualify.

A Better World through Project Management

by Andy Jordan

In celebration of International Project Management (IPM) Day 2016, it’s time to reflect on just what project management, project managers and their teams do for this world we all live in.

Consulting Agreement

PREMIUM deliverable

Whether you're a consultant starting with a new client or a company looking to outsource, this agreement will make sure everyone is on the same page going into your next project.

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire


Stop conflicts before they start using this questionnaire designed to raise red flags with your employees' relationship to the company.

Discrimination Quiz


Nobody means to discriminate, but are you sure that your policies are in line with legal definitions of discrimination? Take this quick quiz and find out.

Telephone Reference Check Template

by Miriam Ziemelis

This Telephone Reference Check Template will help you checking references in a consistent way, asking the same questions of each former employer/reference so that you have comparative data to work with at the end of the process.

Traditional Job Competency Model

PREMIUM deliverable
by George Ball

Looking for a training tool that will evaluate as well as guide you? Here's an example of how to define and analyze basic job competency for a relationship management specialist.

Internet Policy Agreement

PREMIUM deliverable

Your employees spend a lot of time online, but what exactly are they doing on the Internet all day? It is wise to have a policy to outline what is expected of their Internet use.

Communication Skills Evaluation


Communication is a vital tool that any candidate for employment must demonstrate. Use these questions and suggestions to help evaluate candidates' written and oral communication skills.

Applicant Rejection Letter


With every offer letter, there's a horde of rejections to be made. Make it easier on yourself using this sample letter.

Training Presentation Package


Use this agenda and the included tips to make your training meeting and presentation go off without a hitch.

Flex Time Policy Agreement

PREMIUM deliverable

If you decide that you're going to offer flex time to your employees, make sure you take care of the paperwork first. Flex time shouldn't mean "come and go as you please."


"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."

- Pablo Picasso