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2016 Information Systems: Building Agile Teams for Accelerated Project Cycles

by Neil Gomes
June 30, 2016 | 61:19 | Views: 442 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.13 / 7

In this interactive and engaging talk you will learn about some of the principles that have led the Technology Innovation and Consumer Experience team at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health System to analyze, design, develop, release, evaluate, and support innovative enterprise applications with small teams in less than 30-days.

PMXPO 2015: Do or Die Agile Leadership Practices for Today's eXtreme Projects

by Doug DeCarlo, Principal, The Doug DeCarlo Group
April 30, 2015 | 62:38 | Views: 4,262 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 6.06 / 7

Extreme projects feature high speed, high change, high complexity and high stress. As more projects continue to fall into the extreme zone, successful project and program managers will shift from inhibiting change to proactively creating change and responding to change.

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Save Time With Tools And Templates

Agile Project Management, Collaboration Tool-Sets & PPM Tool-Sets

PREMIUM presentation
by Tayo Akingboye

This presentation looks at a brief history and a definition of agile project management; looks at factors that affect selection of collaboration tool-sets; and looks at key features of project portfolio management tool-sets and at making PPM a business process.

Learn From Others

Robotic Process Automation: The Future of CRM (Part 1)

by Joe Wynne

With the growing use of robotic process automation in CRM, project managers should consider the needs of these projects as they plan their professional development. To be successful at the growing number of RPA projects, there is special preparation related to delivery strategy, communications and more.

The Hidden Costs of Deadlines

by Gil Broza

Remember that agile is all about delighting the customer? We’ve seen how accustomed we are to dates and deadlines. Should we think of them differently if we work in an agile way?

The Epiphany: Agile + Business Analysis

by Melicia Grant

This article was birthed from the realization that business analysis can effectively contribute to the success of projects using agile approaches. The main focus of this article will be on the expected outcomes of an agile business analysis initiative.

How Cloud Solutions Can Help PMs

by Paul Visser

In this article, we will explore how IT projects can benefit from cloud technologies, both in traditional and agile projects. Online project tools are widely available for usage (team spaces, office software, etc.), but IT projects can take this a step further and save time and costs—and reduce risks when the infrastructure goes cloud.

The Relevant PMO

by John Reiling

PMOs are popular and have a lot of potential, but too often fail within organizations. PMOs have unique challenges as an organizational unit—which require them to become more agile. Keeping things simple and adding value in new and different ways are key success factors.

Topic Teasers Vol. 90: Is Agile Japanese?

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA

Question: Our management team is extremely agile resistant, saying that there is no research or history to this practice—or no link to better productivity, despite recent statistics that disagree. What can I tell them to show that this is actually a way to engage millennials, the largest section of the current workforce? And to show that it also has a proven track record of maximizing high productivity, even if it wasn’t called by the same name?
A. Since agile was conceived in 2001 in Snowbird, Utah, it is 100% American in origin. The rest of the world had never tried these practices until the results of this famous meeting were released through a series of speeches, articles and conversations.
B. Agile principles rest on the behaviors Douglas McGregor believed to be basic to most workers, called Theory X. Because it suggests that people dislike work and try to avoid it, the more lax workplace of an agile team tricks them into thinking they are in management.
C. Dr. W. Edwards Deming developed the earliest agile-like philosophy, which he called the Hierarchy of Needs. If a manager can meet all of the needs for the employee, productivity will soar. If even one is left unfulfilled, project outcomes will be subpar.
D. Agile actually is an outgrown of the Japanese motivational theories of Dr. William Ouchi’s “Japanese Management” style from the 1980s. By now, the concepts have been well tested and proven to be effective in the modern-day workplace, first in Japan and then in other locations around the globe.
Pick your answer then Test Your Knowledge!

Continuous Agile Program Planning: Think Big, Plan Small

by Johanna Rothman

It seems as if the larger the agile program, the bigger the planning--but that kind of planning only works for some programs. What can you do? Instead of big discontinuous planning, consider small continuous planning.

Is Agile Cheaper?

by Kevin Aguanno, CSPM (IPMA-B), Cert.APM, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSP, FPMAC, FAPM

If you ask a group of individuals what benefits they expect to achieve by adopting agile methods, you’ll usually hear “faster delivery,” “higher quality,” “cheaper” and “lower risk.” Out of these, “faster” is the most common. Faster delivery can be elusive; the benefit of “cheaper,” however, may be illusory.

Earned Value Management in Agile Projects

by Marcos Saboya

The use of traditional empirical project management tools can be used in a simple way to manage and control project deadlines and costs without losing the flexibility of agility. In this article, we are going to mix a traditional technique with agile management using a simple practical example.

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