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Privacy Policy Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

Protecting your customers' personal data should be job one. If you don't have a privacy policy in place, you need to do that five minutes ago. This checklist will help ensure that your privacy policy will be successfully put together, rolled out to the troops and followed.

Learn From Others

Dealing with That One Customer

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

You know how everything seems to be going so well until that one person steps into the meeting? How do you deal with that one customer who is just never satisfied?

Taking the Next Bite

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Projects are not completed all at once in a day or even a week—most projects are large endeavors that take months or even years. How do you take on a project like that? One bite at a time.

Robotic Process Automation: The Future of CRM (Part 1)

by Joe Wynne

With the growing use of robotic process automation in CRM, project managers should consider the needs of these projects as they plan their professional development. To be successful at the growing number of RPA projects, there is special preparation related to delivery strategy, communications and more.

Project Management as If Service Mattered

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Do we recognize as project managers the kind of service we are describing? What service actually matters as a project manager? And how do we know that we are delivering it?

The Hidden Costs of Deadlines

by Gil Broza

Remember that agile is all about delighting the customer? We’ve seen how accustomed we are to dates and deadlines. Should we think of them differently if we work in an agile way?

CRM/Services Management: The Tech Revolution

by Kevin Coleman

Customer relationship management and support has long been an essential function for companies of all sizes and across most industries. Current technology coupled with multiple technologies that will emerge over the next few years will undoubtedly drive changes to our CRM and services operations, systems and processes.

When Does a Ticket Become a Project?

by Andy Jordan

When an IT system moves into an operational environment, project integration virtually disappears. Operational support is a vital element of IT service management, but should it include closer integration with project delivery?

CRM for Your Project Career: Network Systematically

by Bruce Harpham

What if you used CRM principles and tools to grow your project management career? If you’re interested in career growth—promotions, more interesting projects to work on or new consulting assignments—read on.

Note to PMOs: Own Your Organization's CRM System

by Robert Bulger

If you think about it from a project management or PMO perspective, the project setup starts with customer relationship management and the first entry a salesperson or account manager makes. It’s time for PMOs to start absorbing the CRM practices of their organizations.

How Cloud Solutions Can Help PMs

by Paul Visser

In this article, we will explore how IT projects can benefit from cloud technologies, both in traditional and agile projects. Online project tools are widely available for usage (team spaces, office software, etc.), but IT projects can take this a step further and save time and costs—and reduce risks when the infrastructure goes cloud.

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