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PMI Organizational Agility Conference 2016

14 September 2016, 8:30-5 PM ET | Online

Is Your Agile Transformation Set up to Fail? Find out at the PMI® Organizational Agility Conference 2016, FREE and Exclusive for PMI Members. We know there are barriers that slow your organization’s ability to be agile: failed agile transformations, complex organizational processes, team dynamics and the uncertain role of the PMO in an agile environment (just to name a few). Attend the PMI Organizational Agility Conference 2016 to get help breaking down these barriers. It’s free for PMI Members.

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Boost Your Problem Solving: Leverage Mental Models For Success

by Bruce Harpham
November 17, 2016 | 60:36 | Views: 1,329 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.47 / 7

We've all been in this situation: the project is falling behind schedule. Project team members come to you expecting answers. Vendors are late. There are numerous bugs in your code. How do you handle the situation? You need the ability to solve problems creatively. In this webinar, you will learn how to use mental models from multiple fields to solve problems faster.

Project Relationship Management (PRM)

by Ruffin Veal III
October 05, 2016 | 62:39 | Views: 2,385 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.61 / 7

An essential skill we as PM professionals need to recognize is Project Relationship Management or PRM. This presentation takes a look at each of the essential relationships encountered during the life cycle of a project and the effective development, cultivation and maintenance of each.

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Save Time With Tools And Templates

Sample Project Charter/Record

by Arassen Chocalingum

This deliverable relates both a project charter and a project record form to be used during the initiating phase of a given project. It gives a high-level overview of the project including the budget, scope, resources and roles and responsibilities.

Stakeholder Analysis: Power/Interest Matrix

by Alvaro H. Beckerig

This Power vs. Interest Matrix template—developed with Microsoft Excel and little bit of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)—is the ideal tool for stakeholder analysis. Fill the fields with your stakeholders name, give a number to power and interest, classify the engagement and write the stakeholder's expectations. After all stakeholders are identified, print the matrix and keep monitoring the power and interest of each stakeholder during project execution.

Communication Plan Log

PREMIUM deliverable
by Anupam Ganguly

This template can be used for communication planning, and listing the intended audience or recipient of the message that is impacted by the project success or failure. The template is a register for understanding communication-related expectations and preferences, timeline and the communication medium used. Confirming what is needed to know, views and thoughts, and the feedback of the recipient can also be tracked. The template should be filled by the project manager or the project lead.

Project Status Update (Presentation)

PREMIUM presentation
by Daniel Grzybek

This presentation template is a formal customer-facing status report used for medium to larger projects, or for reporting multiple projects with the same stakeholder audience.

Project Kickoff Checklist

by Andy Jordan

This brief checklist is intended to help project managers ensure they are ready to conduct project kickoff sessions. Project managers should review the questions asked in this checklist and make notes of any items that are unclear/outstanding /etc. Any areas that are still unclear require action plans.

Learn From Others

If Your Manager Doesn’t Care, Should You?

by Andy Jordan

If you find yourself worried about an aspect of your work but your manager isn’t troubled by it, is there a problem? When there is a disconnect between manager and staff, something needs to be done immediately to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Much More Than the Triple Constraint

by Kumar Srikant

For a long time, the constraints of time, scope and cost have been the key attributes that a project management professional had to handle effectively for project success. However, project success encompasses much more.

How to Fix a Broken Project: Lessons for the Project Manager

by Robert Barger, MBA, PMP

When you are assigned to a project during its infancy, it is easy to get the project to follow the lines you lay out. You are there at the beginning and you have a good commanding view of the landscape. But what should you do when you inherit an existing project that is already in trouble? Finding the missing elements will help recover your project.

Collaboration with Accountability

by Andy Jordan

Collaboration has become a vital tool in modern project execution, but not all organizations know how to ensure it happens in the right way. How do we foster effective collaboration while still ensuring our teams and individual team members are accountable for delivering on time, scope and budget?

Project Management Mantras: Be an Efficient PM, Not a Bookish Zombie

by Saurabh Saxena

Stats don’t show a gleeful picture of the software industry. So what’s the main problem? Are we relying too much on management tools, or are we not able to apply book knowledge into practical scenarios? Are we becoming modern-day zombies who are managing projects as machines without applying people management skills? Here are some proven mantras for successful project managers.

Protecting Project ROI for Project Sponsors

by Kent Lefner

It is critical that business leaders have the ability and courage to mitigate risk up front and actively monitor and act on project risks and performance as early warning signs materialize. Here we look at a framework to help business and project leaders actively, transparently and honestly monitor risk and issues through the entire project lifecycle.

Corporate Politics and Stakeholder Management Communication

by Alla Antoniuk

Every project has its own share of organizational politics. As a project manager, you have to be aligned with organizational goals. Manage stakeholder expectations and relationships in an agile manner in order to stay on top of the game and make sure that your team performs at the highest possible level.

Rules of Considerate Conduct and the Aspirational Standards of the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

by Katherine Holderbaum

The aspirational standards of the “PMI Code of Ethics” provide practitioners with the “what” of professional and socially responsible conduct. Applying Forni’s Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct can enhance the “PMI Code of Ethics” with specific actions and behavior and support more effective management of project management processes, especially communications. The discussions that may result can further benefit project managers and their teams.

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