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Risk Management in the Construction Sector - Rescheduled

Mar 27, 2017 1:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

A project goes through various levels of interaction between multitudes of people, with different skill sets competing interests and also involves planning, scheduling, and coordination of a wide range of both independent and interrelated activities. In addition, the influence of external factors requires this industry to solve complex environmental issues.

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Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) for Improved Project Performance

by Lloyd Rankin
January 26, 2017 | 52:47 | Views: 1,825 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.39 / 7

Advanced Work Packaging is the Construction Industry Institute’s (CII) newest best practice. AWP is a powerful method for aligning project stakeholders and improving overall project performance. AWP provides recommendations for the complete project lifecycle, including (but not limited to) Front-End Planning and construction execution (WorkFace Planning). In this session, the presenter, an industry member of the CII research team, will provide an overview of: • Advanced Work Packaging, WorkFace Planning and Front-End Planning • The Benefits of Advanced Work Packaging • How Advanced Work Packaging Works • The Critical Factors for Success

Caterpillar Inc - Building Better Communities with Pro Bono Project Management

by Jeremy Pasley, Seth Norburg, Jeffrey Zircher, George Puhl
November 29, 2016 | 58:55 | Views: 4,008 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.81 / 7

In this webinar we will explore how Caterpillar's Global Program Management team is growing project management capability and competency in non-profits and charity organizations and how you can make a difference in your own community through the use of project management.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Procurement and Shipping Tracking Log

by Yasir Masood

The Procurement and Shipping Tracking Log helps to plan, manage and track the various stages of the procurement process during the project life cycle. It helps to reconcile the shipment dates with the project master schedule. It also provides a basis to mitigate any cost overrun and schedule delay that arises because of procurement processes.

Manpower/Resource Mobilization-Demobilization Schedule

by Anas Khan

After calculating the resources required (with the help of company productivity norms and with the time available), this schedule will help project stakeholders have a clear idea about the current and future manpower requirements for any given construction project.

Learn From Others

Selecting the Best Delay Analysis Technique

by Ahmed Fouad Sedky

Delay is the ugly truth on most construction projects, but there are several delay analysis/forensic planning techniques that can be used. This article will provide a brief explanation of each—and when each method is best used.

Dealing with Claims in Construction

by Manavasi Ramesh

Claims arise in a project mainly due to lack of clarity in scope and specifications, ambiguities in contract clauses, interface scope with other projects, site conditions and time constraints. Here we discuss various scenarios and issues that can arise during project execution—along with possible solutions to address the issue of claims management in construction projects.

The Fast Track to Delay

by Ahmed Fouad Sedky

The following article discuss how fast tracking can lead to project delays, showing the most common risk and pitfalls when applying the technique. It will focus on examples from some projects in Qatar.

How to Repair Hundreds of Bridges Under Budget: Lessons from Oregon

by Bruce Harpham

In 2015, the Oregon Transportation Investment Act III State Bridge Delivery Program (OTIA) was listed as a finalist for the PMI Project of the Year Award. The program’s achievements, methods and overall approach represent a significant innovation. There’s plenty to learn from Oregon’s experience, even if your work has nothing to do with bridges or infrastructure.

How Building Information Modeling (BIM) Can Help Project Managers

by Saad Al Jabri

Building information modeling (BIM) has grown tremendously in just a few years. Meanwhile, factors are pushing the construction world to innovate opportunities for improving efficiency and productivity. In this scenario in any project, the project manager has the overall responsibility for project success.

In Pursuit of the Fourth 'I': Ultimate Business and Project Management Strategy

by Debasis Chakrabarti, Manavasi Ramesh

In this article, with the help of theory, literature and real life examples, the authors try to explain innovation in construction projects while differentiating the same from invention. The article also discusses two more vital “I” words: improvisation and improvement.

Case Study: Project Delays in Qatar Construction Projects

by Ahmed Fouad Sedky

As Qatar continues its race against time in delivering construction and infrastructure projects by the fixed deadline of 2022 (and later to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030), let’s look at some best-laid plans gone awry--and explore the causes and repercussions of project delays in Qatar.

How to Buy Well: A Short Guide to Ethical Procurement

by Bruce Harpham

Once project planning begins, procurement quickly becomes a vital activity. Whether you are building a bridge, installing a software upgrade or launching a new product, procurement matters to project success. Procurement poses both ethical and practical challenges.

Precast Concrete: Bulk Production Optimization

by Rami Kaibni

In his previous article, the author tackled the management of safety and health related to precast yards. In this article, we will concentrate on the execution phase (production of the pre-cast elements) on large projects.

Improving Productivity on Projects

by Rami Kaibni

Maintaining a productive team and ending up with productive results can be complicated. Here are some of the means and methods to help you maintain productivity throughout the project lifecycle.

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