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Ethics and Governance in Project Management: Small Sins Allowed and the Line of Impunity

by Eduardo Lopez
August 30, 2016 | 52:13 | Views: 3,974 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.37 / 7

This webinar presents the most advanced views in ethics and governance. It emphasizes the existence of separated sets of ethical values adjusted to different circumstances, which along with personal interests, allegiances, and opportunity, comprise the ethical cube. Then, the ethical and governance mechanisms are explained by the introduction of two novel concepts, the “Small Sins Allowed” and the “Line of Impunity”.

Managing Project Country Risk

by Nicki Kons
October 07, 2015 | 61:02 | Views: 2,844 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.42 / 7

The geo political scene keeps changing, and yet companies have to take on projects & risks on a global level and be global players in order to grow. The purpose of this presentation will be to provide tips for risk managers on how to understand and address geo political risks.

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Who Are We Fighting In Organizations? A Path to Maturity Growth

by Ramona Maduta, MEng, PMP, SCPM

Building the right team for a project, especially when assumptions at the start are bad, relies on understanding people's motivations and mastering relationships between them. Working on a multi-country project, the author learned how to position herself as a leader by recognizing and accepting the diversity of people and being sensitive to the interests and feelings of all the team members.

The Journey from Idea to Implementation: A PMI Volunteer’s View on the Development of a New Certification
(Part 3)

by Beth Ouellette

In this article series, Beth Ouellette talks about her experience working on PMI’s Requirements Management Steering Committee. This group helped to perform the work that eventually created the PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)SM certification, which officially launched in September, 2014. As Beth explains, the work and planning that goes into the creation of a PMI certification begins long before it’s made public. In Part 3, she forms a task force.

Project Quality Management: What Went Wrong?

by Michelle Stronach

For the project manager, the multiple layers of organizational quality management can create challenges. They face a steep uphill battle managing project quality in organizations lacking quality assurance practices. Here's some help.

Virtual Teams – Individual Perceptions of Effective Project Management that Contribute to a Collective Effort in Project Success

by Lisa T. Toler

When implementing virtual teams, how can you develop strategies to overcome the lack of social interaction, cultural differences and preconceived notions that can hinder the development of a cohesive team? The author presents survey results that uncovered key relationship-building techniques and the project management elements that are best suited to achieving project and organizational objectives.

Less Words, More Pictures

by Michelle Stronach

In a world where key messages are lost in a sea of words, incorporating visual content into project communications can be like sending out a distress flare. This article talks about four ways of using visual content that will grab attention, connect with stakeholders, optimize team creativity and increase corporate awareness of your project.

From Turkeys to Agile Eagles

by Michael Aucoin

While there is almost unanimous agreement on the importance of teams, the vast majority of people don’t like to belong to them. This raises a loud warning for you and your agile team, one you must address proactively, because an agile project succeeds or fails on the health of the team. Maybe the GCCR Plan can give your team members wings that fly.

What PMs Need to Know About Virtual Training

by Michelle Stronach

As our global world continues to shrink nearly proportionally to how technology tends to grow, so does our ability to exploit virtual environments to maximize economies of scale, reach broader audiences and make personal connections. This article discusses what PMs should consider when planning virtual training.

The Fortune Cookie Wisdom Guide to Project Management (Part 1)

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

Is your team aligned with your strategic vision? Are you tailoring messages to stakeholders? With a New Year upon us, we offer a small selection of mottoes as a kind of fortune cookie wisdom guide to project management...

Making Time in Your Project to Volunteer

by Elizabeth Harrin

Want to volunteer but not sure how you’ll fit it in? There’s more time in your project schedule than you think. Stop thinking about philanthropic activities as “extra” and start thinking of them as valuable team-building events.

Project Management in Photovoltaics: Fast Track Your Project Management Career

by Danilo Tambone

This article focuses on project management in Photovoltaics, a sector of the fast evolving renewables industry. The author suggests approaches to setting up an appropriate methodology, explaining the most important differences with other traditional businesses; and, gives tips to project managers who want to get involved in the PV sector, as well as to companies and HR specialists who want to identify the best profiles for a “green” project manager role.

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