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Creating an Engaged and High-Performing Culture

Dec 13, 2016 1:00 PM EST (UTC-5)
PREMIUM webinar

If you are a leader, manager, project manager, or sponsor, this is a must-attend, high-energy webinar that will explore, discuss, and define characteristics and elements of an engaged and high-performing culture.

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How to Handle Project Politics

by Colin Gautrey
October 27, 2016 | 63:25 | Views: 2,310 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.81 / 7

Sad but true, most projects are set within a political culture that is hard to decode, and even harder to manage. This webinar will consider the psychological dynamics in play while also sharing practical ways that you can learn more about the politics and begin to manage them more effectively without betraying your sense of integrity.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Level of Effort Estimation Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Arunabh Sinha

In projects or an operations-based environment, it is crucial to be able to plan the effort required for any task. The nature, volume and complexity (in short, uncertainty) of tasks will keep changing forever. This generic LOE estimation model is highly accurate and can be customized for any kind of setup.

Monthly Meeting Template

by Manavasi Ramesh

In construction projects, monthly meetings among stakeholders are held to review important agenda points, physical progress, variance analysis and to address risk factors. To have a precise meeting with relevant points under discussion—and to record minutes in one or two pages in tabular format—this template is conceived based on professional experience in the construction sector. With modifications, the template can be useful in other areas of project management.

Timesheet Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Rami Kaibni

This timesheet sample template can be used for any organization or project to record the MHRS spent on every activity (and by whom) for cost monitoring purposes and payment purposes for employees.

Learn From Others

Maximizing Your Team's Superpowers

by Karen Chovan

As project managers or team leads, we should quickly get to know what our team members are good at, and what they are not. Their characteristics and working styles may vary, but each will have his or her own way of getting things done.

How to Help Your Human Resources Team Promote PM Maturity

by Robert Bulger

Effective partnerships with your human resources team can lend incredible support in your drive to increase maturity within the PMO and with your program and project managers. The Project Management Institute offers a wide assortment of research, tools, and programs that—when working collaboratively with the HR team—you can help to integrate into your organization.

Unlocking Human Potential: A Rural Perspective

by Dr. Deepa Bhide, PMP

One of the key benefits of the human resource knowledge area is that it helps establish project roles and responsibilities and a plan to acquire, manage and release project team members. In the case of a "grand old lady" of a village, we see an illustrative example of how her own role and responsibility evolved over a period of time--and how she then used her skills to define these functions for the "organization" that she was a part of.

Working with People: The Secret Sauce for Project Success

by Michael Wood

Successful project management is more about getting people to work together to achieve a specific outcome than it is about tools and frameworks. There are some skills and talents project managers need to hone in order to be effective at managing the people (human resource) side of a project.

The Importance of Rest

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Projects can be all-consuming activities. There are times when you need to step back and take a break, as rest is an important and necessary part of life no matter what activities you are engaged in.

Lessons from PMI Global Congress (Part 2)

by Mike Griffiths

This is the concluding installment of Mike's account of attending the recent PMI Global Congress 2016—North America in San Diego. In this article, he shares his thoughts on the other stand-out presentation he attended: Sue Gardener’s “The Future of Work” keynote.

Predicting Human Productivity

by Lanfranco Fiorentino

This article deals with workers and productivity. It approaches the problem from a numeric point of view, trying to give a value to different types of employees and factors that may come into play.

What’s Your Policy on Making a Policy?

by Mike Donoghue

While you may find it difficult to put practices down on paper for any given policy you are tasked with drafting, there are some basic steps you can follow to organize your thoughts, begin the writing process and edit the content to a final version.

Project Management Software Should Not Replace Project Managers

by David Robins

Why do so many customers of project management software show disdain for the discipline itself? This long-time practitioner of project management is concerned by the perception that project management is only relevant for large-scale initiatives.

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