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Getting Project Risk Management Right

by Mario Trentim, PMP, PMI-RMP, PfMP
September 06, 2016 | 53:59 | Views: 2,880 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.43 / 7

Identifying risks that are not related to the project is a common mistake, leading to incorrect analysis and poor responses. The end result is that risk management is frequently adding more waste and inefficiency instead of helping to increase project success rates.

Application of Balanced Scorecard in Project Portfolio Management

by S. Ramani
July 06, 2016 | 61:11 | Views: 1,938 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.22 / 7

Balanced Scorecard has been one of the most successful business management tools applied during the last few decades, leading to better business performance. The strength of the balanced scorecard lies in linking the strategy development with its planning to achieve the objectives.

PMXPO 2016: Redefining your PMO

by Stephen Maye, Andy Jordan, Mark Price Perry
April 28, 2016 | 60:17 | Views: 2,188 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.77 / 7

The PMO can be a powerful tool to support organizational success. However, a PMO requires not just a well-defined purpose from the start, but ongoing redefinition to ensure fitness of use and value-based longevity. In this session, well-known industry experts will explain how PMOs can be positioned to deliver specific leadership team-determined business value, lead in the adoption and maturity of both traditional plan-driven and agile project-related practices, and drive effective execution of initiatives to achieve strategic goals.

Research Management - Techniques in Early Maturity Exploration

by Michael McNair
March 24, 2016 | 58:41 | Views: 1,323 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.64 / 7

A great deal of project and program management is focused on development, operations, and maintenance efforts. Looking at a Technical Readiness Scale (TRL) most projects fall into TRL 5-9, the more mature end of the scale. There is, however, portfolio, program and project management at the earlier TRLs that address early engineering (TRL 4/5), research (TRL 2/3), and fundamental science (TRL 1/2). There are significant differences in risk, personnel, stakeholder and other areas requiring management. This webinar takes a look at portfolio, program , and project management in these early TRLs in with the goal of eventual commercialization and movement of science to product or service.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Stakeholder Analysis: Power/Interest Matrix

by Alvaro H. Beckerig

This Power vs. Interest Matrix template—developed with Microsoft Excel and little bit of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)—is the ideal tool for stakeholder analysis. Fill the fields with your stakeholders name, give a number to power and interest, classify the engagement and write the stakeholder's expectations. After all stakeholders are identified, print the matrix and keep monitoring the power and interest of each stakeholder during project execution.

Project Status/PMO Dashboard (Simple)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Yogesh Giri

Need a quick yet effective graphical summary of project status? Use this simple sheet to log the status (On Hold, Delayed, Risk of Delay, On Schedule) of various projects to produce a pie chart.

Timesheet Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Rami Kaibni

This timesheet sample template can be used for any organization or project to record the MHRS spent on every activity (and by whom) for cost monitoring purposes and payment purposes for employees.

Leadership and Communication


Communication and leadership go hand in hand. You will fail as a project manager if you cannot communicate your intentions and the progress of your project to team members and executive management on a regular basis. This presentation will help you take the reins of your project by teaching you the fundamentals of communication.

Project Archive Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

This checklist helps you with the ins and outs of archiving your project for posterity.

Learn From Others

The Politics of Integration (Part 1): Planning

by Andy Jordan

Of of the most significant challenges for PMO leaders is managing relationships across the organization. And as the PMO’s role becomes more and more central to all elements of corporate planning and project delivery, politics inevitably come into play. How do we manage that minefield?

PMO Alignment to Company Strategy: A Two-Way Street

by Graham Campbell

This practitioner was asked by executive leadership to lead an assignment to improve the company's project delivery function. Creating a PMO and aligning activities to the company's strategy were important early steps in this improvement process. What he didn't anticipate was the proactive role that the PMO, once established, would later play in a feedback loop to further evolving company strategy.

The PMO Symposium® Experience

by Robert Bulger

The 2016 PMO Symposium® focused on benefits realization, coinciding with PMI's annual update to its Thought Leadership Series on the same topic. In this article, a speaker shares his thoughts from the successful event.

Portfolio Management: Just Do It!

by Jennifer Baker

Each year, the PMO Symposium® presents a great opportunity to meet and network with other portfolio managers and PMO directors from around the world. Here a presenter shares her rewarding experiences.

Creating Lasting Value

by Sarina Arcari

The 2016 PMI PMO Symposium® has drawn to a close and as in year’s past, this presenter is glad to have some free time to reflect on the many valuable insights and wonderful networking opportunities that this event always delivers.

A Life Less Balanced: Release 3.0

by Robert Bulger

Welcome back to our serialized drama and our favorite start-up, Konnect Software. Release 3.0 picks up moments after the end of our second Release, as Max has to make a very important personal decision...

Preventing the Constant Creation of ‘New’ PMOs

by Andy Jordan

This PM is always amazed at how many PMOs describe themselves as “new,” the implication being that organizations are regularly reinventing their PMOs or creating new PMO models. How do we get past that?

Culture Change Training: Focus on Strategic Initiatives

by Joe Wynne

The PMO is an important force to help keep the focus on strategic initiatives. One way to do this is to support targeted effective workforce training. Your support is only possible if you know what topics effective training includes, especially those topics specific to the PMO role.

Staffing the Strategic PMO

by Andy Jordan

As strategic, portfolio management-focused PMOs grow in popularity, a number of organizations are facing the challenge of growing those PMO staffing models. How should those PMOs grow to be most effective?

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