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Creating Trust in a Virtual Environment

by Wanda Wilks
August 01, 2014 | 72:05 | Views: 2,178 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 3.84 / 5

Teams can’t produce or perform well when they don’t trust one another. The lack of face-to-face interaction can make building and maintaining good trust relationships in a virtual team challenging. This presentation will discuss the importance of real trust in a virtual environment and explore strategies for building good trust relationships that will thrive within a team of people who never meet in person.

Mobile Devices in Construction Projects

by Jonathan Poppe
June 26, 2014 | 59:16 | Views: 1,054 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 3.86 / 5

Construction project managers have to overcome a number of challenges when the jobsite is a significant distance from the office. This webinar will cover some of the most common challenges faced by the PM, and provide suggestions for using mobile devices to face these challenges. We will look at how a project manager can:- oversee multiple construction jobs that are physically separated- assist site supervisors overcome limited technical experience- maintain a daily understanding of each job- keep onsite employees accountable- evaluate the quality of work at a job

Cloud Computing: An Overview for Project Managers

by Frank Cannavale
May 07, 2014 | 62:09 | Views: 1,220 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 3.62 / 5

Cloud Computing: An Overview is a brief overview of the history and formation of what today we call cloud computing. The overview includes a discussion of some of the predecessors of the cloud including high performance computing, fabric computing and service orientated architecture. The seminar will also touch upon the drivers for cloud computing and some of the characteristics of clouds. Finally the seminar closes with a discussion of some of the various cloud technologies.The seminar aims to clear misconceptions of what cloud computing means and why it’s the next big thing. The speaker will also point out that there are many different types of clouds and many different ways implement a cloud. The seminar provides a basis for the attendee to further his or her exploration of cloud technology.

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Learn From Others

The Core Message to PMOs: Innovate or Disintegrate

by Doug DeCarlo, Principal, The Doug DeCarlo Group

Nearly 1,500 IT program and portfolio managers, along with CIOs and other senior managers, flocked to Orlando for the Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit to gain insight into how to reinvent program and portfolio management in order to succeed in the fast-paced, largely uncharted digital age. In this article, an attendee and speaker gives his take on some key themes.

Digital Transformation

by David Shaw, PMP

Cloud computing and services are central to digital transformation. The cloud improves an organization's agility to rapidly roll out new IT solutions to meet business needs. The cloud by its fundamental nature reflects an adaptive (agile or value-driven) approach to delivering products or services. How does that fit into the usual five-gate phases in IT project governance?

Top 10 Tech Trends in 2017


Artificial intelligence and advance machine learning, virtual reality, conversational systems, and digital platforms are among the top technology trends that will be strategic priorities for most organizations in 2017, according to research presented by Gartner.

Top 14 Skills for Digital PMs

by Helena Lui

In the digital world that we now live in, companies are implementing more and more projects that involve digital content. If you want to be a digital PM, it is not enough to know the tactics of project management. Here are some fundamental design and development skills that you should invest in…

Cloud Computing: More to Come

by Michael Wood

...a lot more. There is still much to look forward to in the cloud computing space. CEOs and CIOs are concluding that the rewards can far exceed the risks, so the move to the cloud is accelerating across a broad range of organizations.

Digital Transformation Strategy: A Matter of Survival

by Kevin Coleman

Digitization has fundamentally altered the essence of business and our personal and professional lives. Organizations need to create appropriate goals when it comes to digital transformation--and a clear leader must establish a vision of the future that includes the path that will be followed to get the organization there.

How to Encourage Teams to Use Mobile PM Tools

by Jason Westland

From an increasingly global project world, to broader trends in remote teams, to an emerging crop of millennial workers who are mobile-natives, to simply more productivity opportunities with new mobile apps… there are countless reasons why project leaders and teams need to be working more toward a more mobile work culture.

Self-Service for Your Project Website: Do's and Don'ts

by Joe Wynne

The wise project manager knows how to use the right tools in the right way to communicate to different groups. When using a web share to present and document information, there are some important do's and don’ts to be aware of to ensure success.

So You Want to Be a Digital PM?

by Patti Gilchrist, PMP

For those interested in a career in project management—or those currently in the field working as a project manager and interested in exploring potential career paths—this article is for you. It will explore a relatively new specialized PM role, the digital PM.

The Impact of Digital on Your PM Job

by John Reiling

Has digital project management become a PM specialty? Digital technology affects most projects—and its disruptive impact requires PMs to have strategic skills.

What Do You Do With All That Free Time?

by Andy Jordan

Project managers have never had it so good. Much of their administrative work is now handled by automated tools, freeing up a significant number of hours. How is that time best utilized?

Technology Supports Process, Technology Undermines Process

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

While process frequently fails to allow for flexibility, technology often doesn’t even consider the possibility. Once we begin to automate a process, the presumption—and it’s a dangerous one—is that all cases are treated equally.

How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

by Elizabeth Harrin

With so much project management tech out there, how can you convince your team to settle on a product and not keep trying new things?

Digital PM Controls: Low-Tech/High-Touch vs. High-Tech/Low-Touch

by Mike Griffiths

Project management tools are getting more and more sophisticated as they compete with rivals on features and spread to support more platforms. Yet sophistication has a cost. Let's explore how a combination of deliberately low-tech inputs and outputs can be used with modern tools to deliver the best of both worlds.

7 Tips for Choosing Collaboration Tools

by Elizabeth Harrin

Are you looking for a project management collaboration tool? There are plenty out there to choose from. Here are seven tips to narrow down your selection.

Overcoming Technology

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Technology and progress are usually considered wonderful things that help us get other things done. But if we don’t overcome technology, then it will quickly overcome our lives to the point where we aren’t getting anything done at all.

What Can We Learn from Digital PM?

by Andy Jordan

In the digital world, project management can mean something very different to the traditional concept. What can “old school” project management learn from that?

5 Tech Trends Every PM Should Know

by Elizabeth Harrin

Yes, you should know about what’s happening in the world of new technology. Here we break down the five trends that are changing the way you work.

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