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How to Deal with Stressful Projects …. And Survive

by Valerie Denney
May 08, 2019 | 56:25 | Views: 5,774 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.35 / 5

Have you ever been faced with a complex, multi-dimensional project and pressure from multiple stakeholders? Is this the normal course of business in your organization? If so, this webinar is for you.

An Understanding of How to Maximize Organizational Culture with Project Management AURA – Model for High Performance

by M. Aslam Mirza, CEngr, MBA, PMP
April 24, 2019 | 58:51 | Views: 2,162 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.19 / 5

In this webinar, you will learn how to maximize supportive culture with Project Management-AURA Model to create a strong competitive edge in the market. Here the word "AURA” is used symbolically to refer to enlightened individuals who exude a certain energy that attracts or enlightens others. This displayed power may come from knowledge, experience, or leadership and is described as individual aura.

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Can a PM Be an Organization's Conscience?

by Andy Jordan

Sustainability is important for the planet. If it isn’t as important for our employer, do we have to do something about that? Should we try to become a conscience for our employer, at least as far as the project we are managing is concerned?

Disaster Recovery for Your Project

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

When project disaster strikes, we probably aren't overly prepared for it. And the question then becomes what to do about it. What follows is one expert's best guidance about what to do when disaster strikes—and how to appropriately manage in the face of impending challenge.

Is the PM Profession Sustainable?

by Kevin Coleman

Markets, technologies and society have changed—as has the work and economic environments that we all operate in. Are program and project management sustainable given the current and projected changes that are likely to occur in the not-so-distant future?

The Battle for Sustainable Pace

by Mike Griffiths

This article takes a look at the sustainable pace concept from agile approaches. Given the time-to-market emphasis and use of terms like “sprints,” the idea of a sustainable pace seems odd to some people. However, it's really about taking a smart, long-term view to optimize overall value delivered.

Sustaining Operations During Severe Weather

by Joe Wynne

Resources must be available for projects to be completed. You routinely manage for vacations, holidays, sickness, family needs and so on, but what about severe weather events?

Sustainability Through Metrics

by Al Taylor

As a project manager, you are focused on sustaining key variables such as your project, your client’s business, your profession and your career. In this article, we look at several of these variables and suggest that there are different approaches to evaluating how you are doing.

Sustaining Performance: A Project Priority

by Andy Jordan

Organizations are run by people, and those people have limits. When an organization pushes employees to exceed those limits, bad things happen. Problems sustaining project team performance and problems sustaining operational performance need to be addressed, and the PM has a role to play in both elements.

3 Ways to Improve Project Financial Sustainability

by Bruce Harpham

As a project manager, you’re used to focusing on the project itself. That makes sense when it comes to hitting deadlines and making your budget. There’s a gap though. You might be hurting the organization’s financial sustainability.

Staying Sustainable After Launch

by Carleton Chinner

Most projects don't end with their launch date—they have an active lifespan and eventual decommissioning. Do you know what the true end-to-end cost of your project is?

Sustaining a Positive Environment: Be Acute!

by Al Taylor

Many things make it difficult to sustain a positive project environment. The solution is to ensure that our attention to task definition, task assignment and task monitoring is acute.

Looking Beyond the Project

by Andy Jordan

Projects may end when the deliverables are handed over and the closeout activities are completed, but the impact of those projects is felt for a lot longer. Do you consider this element of sustainability as a project manager?

Delivering Sustainable Value to Stakeholders

by Michael Wood

Shouldn’t the real focus of an enterprise be to deliver sustainable value to its stakeholders? How does a strategy that incorporates sustainability’s "triple bottom line" manifest itself in the way an enterprise delivers value to all of its stakeholders?

Sustainability in the Modern Project

by Andy Jordan

Business continuity planning has always been a slightly niche discipline for project managers, but things are changing—and we need to be ready.

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