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Driving a New Culture to Embrace the Digital Age

Feb 5, 2020 2:00 PM EST (UTC-5)
PREMIUM webinar

The advancement of the Internet over the past two decades has taught us that we must run our organizations differently for our businesses to thrive, and perhaps even survive. This digital transformation is inevitable. To successfully move into the future, leaders need to strike a balance between organizational hierarchy and cross-functional coordination. While there still needs to be accountability for results, organizations need to be able to move faster to achieve these results. Learn how Steve’s transformational leadership framework is used to adjust your culture for success – to create a digital culture. You’ll learn how to accelerate change to fuel the growth of your firm in this new world and propel your personal leadership success.

The Secret Sauce of Successful Change Management

Feb 13, 2020 2:00 PM EST (UTC-5)
PREMIUM webinar

This is the first webinar of a series of four. In this session, the presenters will start analysing what triggers Millenials to join a Company (and to remain!), moving to the Company's values and concluding with organisational change. Change is necessary, but it should not be a stressful event for those involved. We will discuss the practical aspects of managing the people side of change, what are the risks when misconducts happen, and what is the secret sauce to overcome them successfully!

Advance Your Career

How to Prevent and Stop Workplace Bullying

by Lori WIlson
January 07, 2020 | 58:46 | Views: 1,448 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.61 / 5

Workplace bullying is a fascinating and complex subject – whether it is happening to your personally in your relationships with others or showing up in your projects.

The 3 Keys to Sustaining Change

by George Trachilis
November 06, 2019 | 61:08 | Views: 5,566 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.40 / 5

What should you do to ensure lasting change in your organization? George Trachilis, Shingo Research Award winner, explains this is as easy as 1-2-3. However, it is not simple. It requires understanding your true potential as a leader and transferring the same challenge to your students.

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Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Needed Partnership

by Andy Jordan

Philanthropy and corporate social responsibility are very different, but they need to work together to be as effective as possible. There are any number of alignments between CSR initiatives and philanthropy in every corner of the globe—and in every aspect of society.

The Gift of the Project Managers

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

For project management to truly be a gift, we need to rethink how we speak about it, how we present it and how we practice it. We need to present to the world something that they want, that they will appreciate and that they will value.

How Crucial Conversations Lead to Successful Transformation

by Shashank Sinha

The article talks about the myth that you must have strong pre-existing relationships to drive the key changes necessary to transform an organization. What truly helps attain success is having crucial conversations with one and all—one at a time.

Leaders Must Embrace Discomfort

by Quint Studer

Taking actions that create discomfort in ourselves and others is difficult. Yet that is an inescapable part of a leader’s job. From asking questions to owning the message, here are some tips for handling the “unsettling” that change brings, and why it’s worth it in the end.

Make It OK to Speak Truth and Take Risks

by Quint Studer

Psychological safety—the belief that one can communicate ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes without negative consequences—is one of the most important factors in team productivity and morale. Here are 16 ways to foster a project environment where people feel free to share their ideas, perspectives and feedback.

Accessibility Is the Law...How Can Project Managers Respond?

by Pina D'Intino

Legislation across the globe is mandating that public and private sector businesses include accessibility requirements in their environments, including digital channels and platforms. How do your efforts measure up?

Use Project Plumbing to Manage Corporate Politics

by George Freeman, PMP

You might wish to avoid corporate politics, but it’s just not possible. You need to be able to navigate and leverage the political terrain that surrounds your projects. Creating an influence diagram as part of an approach called “project plumbing” can help.

What’s Your Culture Code?

by Dave Ramos

Core values can’t be seen on the balance sheet, but they can be one of the most valuable assets in an organization. They can guide strategic decisions, align processes, and positively influence behaviors. At Netflix, it’s called a “culture code.”

Cracking an Unproductive Organizational Culture

by Joe Wynne

Don’t let an unproductive organizational culture keep you from ensuring your project is successful. Using tactics that leverage your workforce and stakeholders in a special way, you can maintain progress despite obstructions.

Tips for Preventing and Dealing With Workplace Bullying

by Paul Pelletier, LL.B., PMP, Lori WIlson

Bullying is an epidemic in the workplace. This article supports project managers, PMO leaders and teams in learning more about workplace bullying—and shares tips for standing up against workplace disrespect.

Operations as a Final Destination to Successful Project Delivery

by Dr. Nidhi Gupta, BDS, MBA, PMI-ACP, PMP

Operations play a critical role in the successful maintenance and sustainability of products or services once they are released into production. Employing a disciplined approach to operations management can lead to increased effectiveness, cutting costs and a competitive advantage.

Innovations Needed for Sustainability

by Kevin Coleman

Do you and or your organization aggressively innovative products, methods and activities to increase your competitive advantage today—and into the future before your competitors? If not, that could be very dangerous given the projected period of innovation that is likely to occur in the next several years.

Sustaining Competitiveness via Cumulative Advantage

by Pang De Xian

The changing nature of competitive advantage has one constant—the trust and comfortability of products and services to consumers garnered by the value propositions that accumulate throughout the years, referred to as cumulative advantage. Discover tactics to build cumulative advantage and how they align with your project delivery strategy.

The Seeds to Successful Quality Management

by Michael Wood

The truly successful organizations that end up embracing the principles of quality management and reap sustainable benefits do so by taking a more evolutionary approach. They sow seeds that are allowed to take deep root within the culture of the organization—while also harvesting benefits quickly.

Achieving Sustainability Requires Continuous Innovation & Talent

by Kevin Coleman

To be successful, an individual or organization must open their minds about what may be possible in the near term—but perhaps has absolutely no tie to the past whatsoever. This is especially the case when it comes to the seemingly unlimited possibilities of new technologies that are beginning to emerge.

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