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by Kevin Coleman
April 13, 2017 | 60:04 | Views: 5,754 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.17 / 5

Cryptocurrencies are a new form of value transfer, and they are beginning to impact organizations around the world.

Accelerating Innovation: Launching or Partnering with a University-affiliated Proof of Concept Gap Funding Program

by Jacob Johnson
August 16, 2016 | 57:17 | Views: 3,403 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.11 / 5

Proof of Concept (POC) gap funding programs evaluate commercial potential, demonstrate the value, and generally de-risk (or perception of risk) the project to commercial partners or investors. You can use the information in this webinar to share internally to begin dialogue and create momentum around external partnership and funding models for future innovation

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Blockchain Projects

from Project Management Central posted by Aaron Smith on

Blockchain projects present new challenges for organizations. There are talent gaps, risk-filled platform decisions and hesitant stakeholders. Here's a deep, project-focused dive into the world of blo ...

Save Time With Tools + Templates

Project Readiness Workbook (Financial Services)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Daniel Grzybek

When building a financial institution branch, there may be more than what is captured within the construction plan. This template provides you with the framework to help identify and track the deliverables your internal project team is accountable for. The first worksheet provides you with a mechanism to track and report these internal deliverables. The second worksheet further breaks down each deliverable to provide its details, such as key activities. The third worksheet captures details of the team’s open readiness plan. These worksheets should be modified in detail and accuracy to fit your project’s scope, and can be adapted to fit other projects/industries.

Project Cost Control Tool

by Brice Cothenet

This template allows you to access the main data you need to monitor for a relevant view of your project cost, all in one table: budget (at completion), actual cost, estimate to complete and estimate at completion. It automatically draws the appropriate curve.

Learn From Others

Research Results: What IT Project Managers Think About Financial Investment Firms Pursuing Straight-Through Processing With Agile and Workflow Management Systems

by Dr. Geoffrey Webster, PMP

Changes in the financial services sector have made achieving straight-through processing—a dedicated commitment to settle a securities transaction within 24 hours and minimize risk—a monumental effort. Can agile software development and workflow management systems have a positive impact on addressing straight-through processing?

5 Principios para la Gestión de Costo de un Proyecto

by Jose Gonzalez

Aquí presentaremos cincos puntos claves que sugerimos que sean tomados en cuenta durante el desarrollo de un Proyecto con el fin de maximizar la probabilidad de una correcta culminación del mismo.

How to Improve Risk Management with Big Data Analytics

by Bruce Harpham

We have risk registers, risk workshops and other options. Yet many projects are still derailed by risks that result in delays, loss and public criticism. Big Data—a term that took off in the 2000s—is part of the answer.

Mechanisms of Financial Project Analysis

by Leonardo Chaves

The financial planning of projects contemplates the use of one’s own capital, the capital of third parties and also funding. This is an analysis of the application of resources in projects.

FinTechs and the Financial Market Future

by Adriano Balaguer

There is no reason to suggest that financial technology companies are a real threat to the future of large financial corporations. But how has FinTech driven the future of the financial sector—and how have traditional and established corporations responded to these threats?

Banking on Digitization

by PM Network Staff

The future of banking is digital. Yet despite the rapidly growing demand for online products and services, many U.S. and European retail banks have struggled to fund the projects necessary to modernize all front- and back-office operations. It’s not just about digitizing loan applications to speed up the approval process. Transitioning from legacy systems at individual bank branches to one digital system spanning the entire organization has proven especially difficult.

PM Careers in Financial Services (Part 3): The Independent Consultant PM

by Todd B. Loeb, PMP

There are really two major career paths to follow in the world of financial services project management--pursue the role of Corporate Project Manager or Consultant Project Manager. For the latter track, it is broken down further into two roles. In this article, we will examine the pros and cons of being an Independent Consultant.

PM Careers in Financial Services (Part 2): The Firm-Based PM Consultant

by Todd B. Loeb, PMP

In order to better evaluate a career in project management consulting, one should first step back and understand the different types of PM consultant roles. In this second installment in a series of three, we discuss the pros and cons of the firm-based project management consultant--and how they can enhance an organization's strategy.

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