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PMI Talent & Technology Symposium 2018

June 13, 2018 | Online

The PMI Talent & Technology Symposium 2018 is the fusion of two prior events, the Internet Systems & Technologies Symposium, and the Talent Management Conference. The new event focuses on the impact of rapidly changing technologies on the project management discipline and careers. Participants will better understand how emerging technologies affect their career and skills progression, as well as the evolving needs of hiring managers as they seek out top project management talent.

PMI Information Systems & Technology Symposium 2017

June 14, 2017 | Online

Risk, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things—as technology transforms project management, PM professionals are either ahead of the game, or falling behind. Stay current and competitive with the 2017 PMI Information Systems & Technology Symposium. Exclusive to PMI members, this free, virtual event delivers a full day of intelligence on innovation and its impact on your PM career. • Gain insight into the tech-driven trends disrupting our industry, without leaving your desk • Network with the PMI global community while developing the skills organizations are looking for today—and tomorrow • Earn 6 PDUs • Get actionable intelligence you will not find anywhere else, tailored specifically for project and program managers Register today— Here are more details on sessions and speakers.

PMI Information Systems & Technology Symposium 2016 (On Demand)

June 30, 2016 | Online

Overwhelmed by how technology is transforming project management? Looking to increase your productivity and learn new tech tools but don't know where to begin? No matter what your focus—medical, manufacturing, product design or otherwise—this virtual day of learning will deliver years of enduring value, with exclusive insights on how project managers are using new technologies.

On-demand Webinars

June 2018 Book Club Q&A Closing Webinar - Practitioner's Guide to Program Management

by Tolitha Lewis, Irene Didinsky
August 10, 2018 | 61:34 | Views: 3,300 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.28 / 5

Programs serve as a crucial link between strategy and the execution of business results and organizations implement them to achieve strategic goals. Although the practice of program management has evolved in lockstep with the project management profession, the root causes of program failure remain. In this step-by-step guide, Irene Didinsky offers a standardized approach to program management, closing the knowledge gaps and variations that currently exist across organizations and industries.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Project Task Log

PREMIUM deliverable
by Pooja Lohiya

Use this log to stay on track of descriptions, owners, dates, status and more for project tasks.

Project Kickoff Worksheet

by Andy Jordan

The project kickoff is one of the most critical activities on the project. This worksheet is intended to assist the project manager in preparing for the kickoff so that the meeting is as effective and efficient as possible.

Project Roles and Responsibilities Template

by Kristine Villalon

This template provides a solid basis to help project managers define project roles and responsibilities. It can be easily tailored and aligned for projects of all sizes.

Project Charter and Outline Presentation

PREMIUM presentation
by Rebecca Houghton

The project charter is used to set expectations around a project at kickoff. Use this presentation template for kick-off meetings to ensure that all of your stakeholders and sponsors are in agreement on the key project principles. This also gives you an opportunity as the PM to set expectations that if things in this charter are changed after initial agreement, then the project scope, timelines and resources may also need to change.

Learn From Others

Overview of Information Security for New and Non-IT Project Managers

white paper
by Rubaiyyaat Aakbar

Information security is all about protection of information and its critical elements (confidentiality, integrity and availability), including the systems and process that use, store and transmit that information. When it comes to information security, what exactly does it mean to us as project managers? This author helps you put the right procedures in place.

New Practitioners: Keeping Pace with Change

by Kevin Coleman

As a new practitioner, there is one thing you can count on: continuous change. It is something you must address throughout your career as a program or project manager.

Your Second Day as a Project Manager

by Mike Donoghue

The first day is in the books—successful or unsuccessful, you are now in “Day 2” of project management. Sure, some of the polish has worn off, but guess what? Those challenges you faced on the first day are still there.

New PM, New Choices

by Mike Griffiths

New project managers are exposed to conflicting guidance. Recommendations often appear to be at odds, so what is the new PM to do? Let’s examine the basics so we can make an informed decision...

New PM Practitioners: The Journey Begins

by Michael Wood

Congratulations! You’ve made it into the ranks of project management practitioners! This seasoned practitioner shares some of the crucial lessons he has learned over the years to help you on your exciting journey.

Learn From the Past, Adapt for the Future

by Andy Jordan

Experience is the most important quality for a project manager, but knowing how to apply that experience is the true secret to success. And in that regard, new practitioners have the edge.

Dealing With the Loneliness of Project Management

by Andy Jordan

One of the worst experiences this practitioner had as an inexperienced PM was the first time he had to deal with things going very wrong. It can be a lonely feeling—but it doesn’t have to be.

7 Ways to Stay Relevant in Disruptive Times

by Elizabeth Harrin

Whether it’s political change or organizational transformation, the business world can be disruptive (and disrupted) at times. Here are seven ways that you can keep your skills relevant when everything around you is changing.

Task Oversight: Finding the Right Balance

by Andy Jordan

One of the areas most likely to cause problems on projects is the monitoring and tracking of work. As a new project manager, how do you know how much is too much when it comes to task management?

Topic Teasers Vol. 113: Will There Be Jobs Tomorrow?

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA

Question: I am the proud parent of twins who are headed for college. They haven’t picked a major, but I’m hesitant to suggest project management. It seems that with the current business environment, we are losing production facilities and even technical services to other places in the world at a rapid pace. Will there be a need for project managers by the time my kids graduate, and will there still be a place for me?

Believe in Yourself

by Andy Jordan

Inexperienced project managers tend to seek out a lot of advice and guidance. But sometimes, the best person to ask is yourself.

Certification Proliferation...and Confusion

by Mike Griffiths

Project management credentials have proliferated. This creates problems for project management professionals and hiring managers alike. How can they compare or rank one over another? And what does this mean for our future development?

Back to School

by Bruce Garrod

There are endless options and considerations when choosing how to ensure ongoing personal development. But if you stand still and depend on past education and current experience, you're unlikely to realize your full career potential.

Fact or Fiction?

by Andy Jordan

Just because someone says something doesn’t make it true. As a project manager, you will be told a lot of things. The secret to success is often separating fact from fiction.

Managing Without Authority…or Experience

by Andy Jordan

Project management is often referred to as management without authority. How do you succeed when you also don’t have any experience?

The Reluctant Team Member

by Andy Jordan

Not everyone welcomes the opportunity to work on a project, but a project manager can’t afford to carry a disruptive influence. How do you turn reluctance into engagement?

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