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PMI Talent & Technology Symposium 2018

June 13, 2018 9:00 AM | Online

The PMI Talent & Technology Symposium 2018 is the fusion of two prior events, the Internet Systems & Technologies Symposium, and the Talent Management Conference. The new event will focus on the impact of rapidly changing technologies on the project management discipline and careers. Participants will better understand how emerging technologies affect their career and skills progression, as well as the evolving needs of hiring managers as they seek out top project management talent.

PMI Information Systems & Technology Symposium 2017

June 14, 2017 | Online

Risk, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things—as technology transforms project management, PM professionals are either ahead of the game, or falling behind. Stay current and competitive with the 2017 PMI Information Systems & Technology Symposium. Exclusive to PMI members, this free, virtual event delivers a full day of intelligence on innovation and its impact on your PM career. • Gain insight into the tech-driven trends disrupting our industry, without leaving your desk • Network with the PMI global community while developing the skills organizations are looking for today—and tomorrow • Earn 6 PDUs • Get actionable intelligence you will not find anywhere else, tailored specifically for project and program managers Register today— Here are more details on sessions and speakers.

PMI Information Systems & Technology Symposium 2016 (On Demand)

June 30, 2016 | Online

Overwhelmed by how technology is transforming project management? Looking to increase your productivity and learn new tech tools but don't know where to begin? No matter what your focus—medical, manufacturing, product design or otherwise—this virtual day of learning will deliver years of enduring value, with exclusive insights on how project managers are using new technologies.

Upcoming Webinars

Your Learning Has Been Disrupted

Jul 24, 2018 12:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

In an era of constant change, Learning Development has evolved dramatically. In this talk, participants will learn how to manage Learning/Knowledge projects.

Common Pitfalls in Project Management That Technology Has Not Answered

Jul 31, 2018 11:00 AM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

Project management has evolved over the last 20 years. The tools project managers have allow for real-time collaboration and communication, but what are the common pitfalls that are still present today from 20 years ago? Despite new technology, issues relating to people and processes will always be present. How can project managers account for these issues given the tools they have at their disposal?

On-demand Webinars

Creating and Capturing Value – More than just Cost Reduction

by Iain Fraser
June 14, 2018 | 60:56 | Views: 3,219 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.43 / 5

Clarifying and widening the status quo around value, especially at the enterprise level. This webinar aims to offer an explanation of value management that goes beyond the notion of value engineering and process-based tools.

How to Manage a Multi-Project / Multi-Teaming Environment

by Jan Willem Tromp
May 08, 2018 | 40:47 | Views: 7,851 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.44 / 5

If you work in a multi-project environment as a product developer, engineer, or R&D expert, then the notion of multi-teaming is probably familiar. Most likely, you have key people assigned to multiple projects at the same time. Planning and managing these resources efficiently is almost impossible. Key resources themselves are challenged with fragmented work, time pressure, lack of focus, ambiguity, a constantly changing environment and, above all, dissatisfied project managers. These skill groups serve several projects in a non-dedicated way. They switch from project to project based on demand. They’re between a rock and a hard place. In this webinar, Jan Willem will show you how resources should be managed in order to make multi-project environments successful.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Project Charter

PREMIUM deliverable
by Cynthia Snyder Dionisio

The Project Charter formally authorizes a project or phase. It defines the reason for the project and assigns a project manager—and the PM's authority level. The content of the Charter should describe the project in high-level terms. This revised deliverable is from A Project Manager's Book of Forms - Third Edition (A Companion to the PMBOK® Guide — Sixth Edition).

Weekly Status Report (Multiple Projects)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Dinah Young

Use this Excel sheet to keep track of the status of multiple projects. You can log project state, assigned staff, next steps and more.

Project Charter (and Instructions)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Fella Boukadoum

This sample Project Charter and instructions contain sections (and explanations) for project and team details, your scope statement and risks, communication strategy and more.

Project Charter and Outline Presentation

PREMIUM presentation
by Rebecca Houghton

The project charter is used to set expectations around a project at kickoff. Use this presentation template for kick-off meetings to ensure that all of your stakeholders and sponsors are in agreement on the key project principles. This also gives you an opportunity as the PM to set expectations that if things in this charter are changed after initial agreement, then the project scope, timelines and resources may also need to change.

Learn From Others

Overview of Information Security for New and Non-IT Project Managers

white paper
by Rubaiyyaat Aakbar

Information security is all about protection of information and its critical elements (confidentiality, integrity and availability), including the systems and process that use, store and transmit that information. When it comes to information security, what exactly does it mean to us as project managers? This author helps you put the right procedures in place.

Begin With the Endgame

by Christopher Cook

Endgames help to clear a path for specific outcomes—learning the micro to understand the macro. Projects are all about the finished product or service. How you get there starts with your determination of the endgame.

Is Project Management Right for You? (Korean Translation)

by Michael Wood

PM이 당신의 피 속에 있다고 가정한다면, 당신은 여전히 당신의 틈새 시장을 조각하기가 어렵다는 것을 알게 될 것입니다. 당신은 프로젝트 매니저 extraordinaire, 프로젝트 포트폴리오 매니저, 프로젝트 분석가, 프로젝트 관리자 또는 PMO가되기를 원하십니까? 이렇게 많은 선택권 ... 그러나 시작하는 곳?

North America Congress Highlights – Key Take-Aways and Lessons Learned in Strategic Business Management Skills (Korean Translation)

by Joanna Newman, Ori Schibi, Muhammad Abu Baker Ilyas, Cheryl Lee, Paul Williams

우리와 함께 PMI Global Congress 2015 -North America의 발표자들과 대화를 계속하십시오. 이 웹 세미나에서는 Best Practice, 주요 테이크 아웃 및 Strategic Business Management Skills 세션에서 배운 교훈을 살펴 봅니다. 이 기회를 놓치지 마시고 PMI 세계 총회 2015 -North America에서 발표자 하이라이트와 가르 칠 수있는 순간을 사실상 발표자를 만나보고 엿볼 수 있습니다.

Making Better Project Decisions More Often (Korean Translation)

by Eric Wright

활발한 대화 형 워크샵에서 참석자는 의사 결정 및 계획 수립에서 사용하는 주요 정신적, 정서적 편견에 대한 올바른 이해를 개발하고 프로젝트 결정에 대한 이러한 편향의 영향을 완화 할 수있는 방법을 설명 할 수 있습니다. 더 나은 프로젝트 결정을 할 수 있습니다.

The Digital Age: What Challenges Await New PMs?

by Jiju (Jay) Nair, PMP

Project managers who understand, acknowledge and live the ground realities of modern-day business are well poised for taking organizations through successful project executions.

5 Words That Strike Fear

by Andy Jordan

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are as a project manager—there is one question you never want to be asked. As a newer PM, you just don’t realize how scary that question is…

Do You Know When Your Project Is in Trouble?

by Andy Jordan

One of the biggest challenges for new project managers is figuring out when things have gone off the rails early enough to do something about it. What are minor annoyances that can be ignored, and what are major “gotchas” that can derail any chance of success? How do you tell the difference?

How Not to Run Your First Project

by Andy Jordan

Lots of people tell you what you should do, but here are some things not to do—advice from someone who made all the mistakes in the book, but eventually learned from them.

Successful Problem Solving (Korean Translation)

by Rod Baxter

이 웹 세미나에서는 복잡성 범주별로 문제 해결을 소개하고 각 범주에 사용되는 기법과 방법에 대해 논의합니다. 문제 설명, SMART 목표, 근본 원인 분석 및 지속 가능한 솔루션 구현을 포함하여 기본적인 문제 해결 단계를 논의하고 설명합니다. 성공적인 결과와 문제 해결을위한 지속 가능한 솔루션을 보장하기 위해 사용 및 입증 된 도구와 기법을 논의하고 정의합니다.

Taking the Plunge as a First-Time PM

by Andy Jordan

You took the courses, you put in the time and now it’s happened—you’re a first-time project manager! What the heck do you do now? Let’s get you mentally prepared to manage your first project…

Understanding the Decision-Making Dynamic

by Gundo Nevhutalu

Of the many reasons that could cause contractors to experience a project delay or cost overruns, two elements always get this practitioner's attention: ineffective communication and slow decision making. How can this be solved? It all starts with understanding the process.

Make it So Number One: Why Many Projects' Chance for Success is Doomed and How to Fix It (Japanese Translation)

by Ori Schibi


Making Better Project Decisions More Often (Japanese Translation)

by Eric Wright


Purpose as a Lens for Finding Project Success

by Devin de Lange

A project initiated with a clear goal in mind turns into a series of tasks to be completed. The focus shifts from the client’s needs and their purpose to getting the work done. The problem? The project purpose and client’s needs should be what is driving each task throughout the project, which often isn't the case.

Successful Problem Solving (Japanese Translation)

by Rod Baxter


Cost Estimating: Budget Formation Principles

by Bernardo Antunes

Are you armed with an accurate budget? This article aims to highlight the main principles of budget estimates for projects, looking at basic principles to help you stay on target.

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