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PMI® Organizational Agility Conference 2019

September 12, 2019 | Online

The PMI® Organizational Agility Conference returns bigger and better than ever as we examine evolving approaches to resilient value delivery! To remain relevant in the VUCA world, organizations and delivery professionals need to build change resilience—the ability to remain in a state of change while delivering value. This virtual conference will explore the concept of change resilience with professionals who are driving it within their organizations—and those who are living it as part of their own development.

PMI® Organizational Agility Conference 2018

September 12, 2018 | Online

All organizations, whether small or large, need individuals who understand how important and impactful adaptability and agility are to overall success. By attending this virtual event you will learn how you can help your organization embrace the opportunities in change, disruption, and transformation.

PMI Organizational Agility Conference 2017

September 13, 2017 | Online

What does agile mean for your organization? Find out at this free virtual event—and sharpen your agile edge. With sudden market shifts and new priorities by the minute, agile transformation is an organizational imperative. You need to understand what agility means for your organization—and how to help lead it through change.

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Project Management as a Generic Discipline - Are We Ready For It?

Feb 10, 2021 11:00 AM EST (UTC-5)
PREMIUM webinar

Project Management has developed over the last century first in the area of construction ,engineering and manufacturing and later found applications in diverse fields some examples include health care , financial services ,government, nonprofits and information technology. The question that we can ask ourselves is "Is Project Management a generic discipline ". Over the last fifty years various professional bodies and associations in project management have propounded the idea that the processes are largely generic and can be equally applied to any industry or sector. Of course, it also appreciates that in some instances there are unique processes and practices limited to a particular sector. But is this thought shared by the practitioners and the community at large? The answer is yes to some extent but also no, judging from the divide that has developed between professional in the IT versus the Engineering and Construction sector each perceiving it the other as grossly different. Further, outside the project management community , project management is perceived as of importance only for delivery of products and services and does not share space with the c suite when considering it as a competence to implement an idea or strategy. Granted, this perception is changing but is slow, in some parts and not widespread.

Determining a Balanced Scorecard: Improving Business Performance & Reporting

Feb 17, 2021 2:00 PM EST (UTC-5)
PREMIUM webinar

The 3P’s to Success (Purpose, People, Performance) is a business philosophy promoted in the book ‘The Business of Portfolio Management – Boosting Organizational Value’. The project economy can scale upwards so that value-based portfolio management becomes ‘a way of doing business’. However, that needs to be integrated business objectives. That is best done via a modern light version of a balanced scorecard for planning and reporting purposes. This presentation is focussed on the design, development, and deployment of a modern light balanced scorecard that allows for organizational-wide performance to be shown and communicated. EPMO and portfolio leaders in particular will benefit from its content and messages.

On-demand Webinars

Center Stage Podcast Club Explores: Young Entrepreneurs Making Reality with Future Ways of Working

by Stephen Townsend , Jill Diffendal, Tammy Ashraf, PMI-ACP, Gavin Henderson, Lili Csorba, Amy Brereton
January 19, 2021 | 58:17 | Views: 305 | PDUs: | Rating: 4.36 / 5

Join three of our Center Stage podcast guests and moderator Tammy Ashraf as they explore how young entrepreneurs make reality by adapting traditional approaches to value delivery with new ways of working, leveraging evolving technologies, customer-centered design, sustainability and social impact. Somachi Chris-Asoluka, Tony Elumelu Foundation Head of Policy and Partnerships joins with ENACTUS U.K. team member Lili Csorba and project management coach Gavin Henderson to share insights and thoughts on young entrepreneurs; mentorship and knowledge transfer; societal impact; and enabling the future by making ideas reality. Tammy is a PMI member and volunteer and represents the voice of the profession in this exploration of the future of work.

The Agile Enterprise: Scaling Agile - Up or Down?

by Stelian Roman
January 08, 2021 | 61:01 | Views: 661 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.20 / 5

Scaling Agile has been a hot topic in the last 3 to 5 years. Organizations that have successful software deliveries are trying to spread the success of the Scrum Team(s) beyond technology departments. On the other hand, laggards, teams and organizations that didn't embrace Agile when it became clear that it is the future, are cutting corners and launching mammoth programs to "do" Agile. Scrum, the core of the most recent "scaled" frameworks, was designed for teams of less than 10 people developing software products. Even at that size, it is "difficult to master", according to its authors. This webinar takes a look at Agile scaling from both perspectives: agile software development created for small homogenous teams AND agile manufacturing conceived in the last century for large companies as a replacement to Lean. The webinar is based on the author's 30+ years’ of experience as a practitioner. From manufacturing to software development and then to projects, this webinar is an analysis of the famous mindset change and the challenges and lessons learned while doing it and helping others to do it.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

OPM3® Self-Assessment Questionnaire

by Marcos Guoglielmi

Get help assessing your organizational maturity with this set of 500 questions that correspond with PMI's Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®).

OPM3® Self-Assessment Questionnaire (Spanish)

by Marcos Guoglielmi

Obtenga ayuda para evaluar su madurez organizativa con este conjunto de 500 preguntas que se corresponden con el Modelo de Madurez de Gestión de Proyectos Organizativos (OPM3®) de PMI.

Project Roles and Responsibilities Template

by Kristine Villalon

This template provides a solid basis to help project managers define project roles and responsibilities. It can be easily tailored and aligned for projects of all sizes.

The Project Canvas

PREMIUM presentation
by Antonio Nieto

The Project Canvas framework, which covers the basic principles and fundamentals of projects that everyone should know, is practical and easy to implement. It is a proven tool that will assist you in leading projects more successfully and in making your dreams a reality.

Learn From Others

The History of OPM3

white paper
by John Schlichter

In 1998 a project was chartered to develop an international standard for industry and government strictly through the grassroots efforts of unpaid volunteers. Their journey led to the development of the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3), and this is their story.

A Permanent Philanthropic Change?

by Andy Jordan

The global philanthropic response to the pandemic has been massive. What are the long-term implications, and how can project managers help? It’s going to take two special kinds of project management to be effective.

Regulatory Impact Assessment and Project Management

by Dan Potash

Regulatory impact assessment (RIA) is widely adopted as a global practice when developing new legislation and regulation. The RIA is all about what should happen. Project management is all about what does happen. Understanding RIA can benefit project managers who are enlisted to successfully realize the RIA recommendations.

How to Handle Organizational Change Management Inadequacies

by Joe Wynne

Organizational change management is difficult and time consuming, and you cannot assume that everything will go right and be completed before you start your project. Treat the impact of any OCM inadequacy to your project as an opportunity to show your advanced PM skills.

The Project Canvas: Increase Alignment and Success in Your Projects

by Antonio Nieto

A simple tool can be applied by any individual, team, organization or country. The framework, which covers the basic principles and fundamentals of projects that everyone should know, is practical and easy to implement—a proven tool that will assist you in leading projects more successfully and in making your dreams a reality.

6 Strategic Ways to Save Money (Before Considering Layoffs)

by Shaoping Cao

The pandemic has hammered the world economy hard. The following methods have proven to be practical cost-saving possibilities—and might inspire you. Adopt what fits your business the best and, hopefully, cope with the difficulties together with your teams.

The Perfect Storm for The Project Economy

by Mike Griffiths

The Project Economy outlined in 2019 was driven from the convergence of tech, energy and infrastructure. COVID-19 forced a digital upskilling and appreciation for alternative energy that has accelerated the transition.

Returning to Work: Employee Engagement is the Key

by Troy Edelen

For employees to feel safe returning to the workplace and adhere to the protections once they get there, they must fully buy-in. They must have confidence in the overall plan while adopting and utilizing changes to the new workplace. To earn their buy-in, we must engage employees throughout the planning and implementation in purposeful and practical ways.

Change Readiness: The PM's New Priority

by Andy Jordan

As The Project Economy reimagines business around the concept of projects, the disruption to operations increases. The project delivery function needs to manage that if an organization is going to succeed.

PM Development Strategies

by Andy Jordan

With project management being a more diverse discipline than ever, what’s the right strategy for developing people into, through and beyond project management?

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