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PMI Organizational Agility Conference 2017

September 13, 2017 | Online

What does agile mean for your organization? Find out at this free virtual event—and sharpen your agile edge. With sudden market shifts and new priorities by the minute, agile transformation is an organizational imperative. You need to understand what agility means for your organization—and how to help lead it through change.

PMI Organizational Agility Conference 2016

September 14, 2016 | Online

Is Your Agile Transformation Set up to Fail? Find out at the PMI® Organizational Agility Conference 2016, FREE and Exclusive for PMI Members. We know there are barriers that slow your organization’s ability to be agile: failed agile transformations, complex organizational processes, team dynamics and the uncertain role of the PMO in an agile environment (just to name a few). Attend the PMI Organizational Agility Conference 2016 to get help breaking down these barriers. It’s free for PMI Members.

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Killer Requirements Generation Using Design Sprints

Jan 30, 2019 11:00 AM EST (UTC-5)
PREMIUM webinar

Requirements are a key driver for any project and there is a direct relationship between the accuracy of requirements and the outcome of a project. In many cases their is a direct link between scope and requirements, hence requirement definition impacts project scope. Every project benefits by having a well defined project scope that helps define boundaries for the project, the primary outcome/goal/deliverable to be achieved and success metrics (what does "done" look like") We'll discuss how Design Sprint methods can be used to help project managers and teams at-large ensure alignment between current problem/challenge, scope of work and requirements for the project overall.

Applying Gemba Kaizen and CI Principles in Non-Kaizen Enterprises

Jan 30, 2019 2:00 PM EST (UTC-5)
PREMIUM webinar

This webinar is for project managers who are seeking new tools and approaches. While this presentation is not in any way meant to be a thorough discussion or analysis of Gemba Kaizen, it touches on how to apply specific Kaizen techniques and processes towards ANY project, and more importantly how to have a Kaizen mindset to improve policies, processes, and morale while, or through, the act of reducing waste (Muda).

On-demand Webinars

The Innovative Workings Behind How New Terms and Definitions are Adopted into Standards

by Kimberly Johnson, Brian Cohn, Gina Lund, Gary Jing
December 18, 2018 | 59:22 | Views: 2,803 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.25 / 5

Terminology sections or documents are critical resources for implementing a standard. However, users tend to take them for granted as just being part of the standard. But did you know: • In what situation a word or phrase is selected to be defined as a term in the terminology document or section? • What science is behind the definition of a term? • How to find definitions of a term in various standards for free? • How to relate the meaning of a term to the meaning in common dictionaries? • The word or phrase will be not be adopted as a term if the intended meaning of the word or phrase is found in a dictionary? • If not, you are not alone. New terms are not adopted easily in standards. It's a profound process - dull to some - yet largely unknown to people.

La valeur ajoutée de la participation publique à vos projets

by Marie-Hélène Thouin, Louis-Philippe Lizotte
November 13, 2018 | 65:50 | Views: 333 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.23 / 5

Il n'est pas toujours facile d'orienter les efforts d'une grande variété de partenaires dans une même direction. Encore plus lorsque les citoyens et les citoyennes, des parties prenantes à part entière, sont touchés directement par les projets mis de l'avant. Que ce soit des projets ayant un impact sur leur milieu de vie ou qui concernent des enjeux sociaux importants, leur apport peut être inestimable pour qui leur laisse la chance de participer. La participation publique, un processus qui permet de se connecter aux citoyens et citoyennes, ajoute de la valeur aux projets à bien des niveaux. Cette conférence vous permettra d'apprécier les avantages de la participation publique pour vos projets. C'est à partir d'un exemple, la démarche sur l'éducation à la petite enfance, projet primé lors du Concours Élixir, que vous pourrez apprécier ce que signifie la participation publique, sa mise en oeuvre et son impact !

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Project Roles and Responsibilities Template

by Kristine Villalon

This template provides a solid basis to help project managers define project roles and responsibilities. It can be easily tailored and aligned for projects of all sizes.

Work Stream Tracking Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Stephane Parent

Large projects often require tracking by work streams. Work streams are the progressive completion of tasks by a specific group or project team. For example, the work streams for a manufacturing facility may include engineering, drafting, procurement, fabrication, quality control and shipping.

Stakeholder Analysis: Power/Interest Matrix

PREMIUM deliverable
by Alvaro H. Beckerig

This Power vs. Interest Matrix template—developed with Microsoft Excel and little bit of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)—is the ideal tool for stakeholder analysis. Fill the fields with your stakeholders name, give a number to power and interest, classify the engagement and write the stakeholder's expectations. After all stakeholders are identified, print the matrix and keep monitoring the power and interest of each stakeholder during project execution.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS): An Introduction

PREMIUM presentation
by Khaled Istanbouli

Occupational health and safety (OHS)—also commonly referred to as occupational safety and health (OSH), occupational health or workplace health and safety (WHS)—is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the safety, health and welfare of people at work. This presentation provides a primer on important introductory points.

Learn From Others

The History of OPM3

white paper
by John Schlichter

In 1998 a project was chartered to develop an international standard for industry and government strictly through the grassroots efforts of unpaid volunteers. Their journey led to the development of the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3), and this is their story.

Philanthropy: Not Just an Annual Thing

by Mike Donoghue

While many organizations use the final months of a given year to show gratitude for what they have and support for those in need, a company that practices charitable actions with its employees on a regular basis is one that truly proves its generosity and compassion.

Managing Organizational Change

by Stephanie Jaeger

Having managed multiple organizational change projects in several companies, this practitioner has experienced first-hand how change affects the individual employee—and how it can disrupt operations if not handled well. Here she summarizes lessons learned from successful and unsuccessful change projects so that others can benefit.

Developing Customized PM Processes

by Stephanie Jaeger

Company-wide, defined processes help with the understanding of the PM lifecycle and the integration of processes between departments. If individuals understand how what they are doing fits into the big picture—along with why they are doing it and its overall importance—they will be more excited about their work and be more efficient.

The Robotic Process Automation Fallacy

by Gaurav Dhooper

RPA is often perceived as a means to reduce headcount. But in reality, the key drivers of RPA adoption are improved operational effectiveness along with an enhanced employee and customer experience.

New Age Organizational Roles

by Vivek Gondi

A new organizational model with a dedicated project management office and alternate roles can offer multiple benefits to deal with increased scale and diversity in the execution of projects. Learn how these new roles can provide opportunities to bring about positive change for enterprises large and small.

PM Disruption: The Gig Economy

by Mike Griffiths

A change in work patterns toward more temporary roles is disrupting project management. The gig economy is moving from niche player to mainstream as millennials enter the workforce with different career aspirations—and organizations tap new labor markets and reduce headcounts.

How to Do Better, Cheaper, Sooner

by Donald Charles Wynes

Are you looking beyond individual departments and focusing on the value created in the full series of activities they perform to create and deliver their product? Here’s the story of one PM who was willing to step beyond her role to move the focus of “better, cheaper, sooner” to the whole chain of work her firm delivered to its customer.

The Marriage of Project Management and Lean Six Sigma

by Michael Herskovitz

With increasing emphasis within many corporations regarding business process transformation, there is a need for an approach that will ensure a faster, better and more lasting outcome. This article advocates that to achieve this desired outcome from a company transformation strategy, two key ingredients are necessary.

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