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Agile Portfolio Management

by Michael Boyle 
October 24, 2017 | 60:21 | Views: 2,973 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.50 / 7

When the enterprise is compelled to be adaptive, who is supposed to orchestrate an agile way of working? Enter the Agile Portfolio Manager.

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Project Financial Analysis Package

PREMIUM deliverable
by Sahan De Silva

This project financial analysis template includes four Excel sheets to help you make crucial project selection decisions based on return on investment (ROI), net present values (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR) and payback period.

Key Performance Indicator Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Harold Hunt

While numerous key performance indicators (KPIs) typically influence IT projects generally, the benefit of tracking all of them may be outweighed by the cost to do so. Therefore, each project must carefully select and manage those KPIs most relevant to its specific situation. This sample template can be used to define KPIs; also included is a table with examples of possible KPIs for each of the previously defined project-critical success factors (PCSFs) and a metric (measure and dimension) for each KPI. Use in conjunction with the article Determining IT Project Health.

PPM Implementation Guidelines


Before implementing a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, expectations, support and staffing must be addressed. Here are guidelines based on six key questions that can help ensure your rollout is not only successful but improves alignment and delivers benefits across the organization.

Agile Project Management, Collaboration Tool-Sets & PPM Tool-Sets

PREMIUM presentation
by Tayo Akingboye

This presentation looks at a brief history and a definition of agile project management; looks at factors that affect selection of collaboration tool-sets; and looks at key features of project portfolio management tool-sets and at making PPM a business process.

Portfolio Review Checklist

PREMIUM checklist
by Andy Jordan

In addition to regular management activities, the portfolio should also be subjected to a more formal quarterly review, and that’s what this checklist is designed to support. It provides the portfolio manager with a structure for the review process and allows the meeting(s) with leaders to focus on the critical elements of the portfolio.

Learn From Others

The 4 Pillars of Portfolio Management

by Carleton Chinner

Portfolio managers that develop a detailed understanding of four fundamental aspects will be better positioned to manage their portfolios—and be able to answer the specific questions that executive managers are fond of asking.

Portfolio Management: More Business, Less Project

by Andy Jordan

Portfolio management in today’s world has little to do with project management and everything to do with business management. Is that how your organization operates?

Reframing Portfolio Management

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

If the primary reasons for portfolio management start with resource constraints, you’re probably wondering how we got to strategic alignment. And that, dear reader, would be an excellent question...

Resolving Resource Constraints in Project Portfolio Planning

by Joe Wynne

Selection of programs and projects in a portfolio (and their start times) should include an analysis of available resources. Otherwise, they can be set up for failure. Resource analysis at this level doesn't have to be complex—if it is targeted to the most likely area of constraint.

'We're Not Ready for Portfolio Management'

by Andy Jordan

This practitioner often hears organizations claim they aren’t ready for portfolio management. They are...but they need to start with a different definition of what portfolio management is.

Dealing with Portfolio Complexity

by Kevin Coleman

Defining what PPM means in the context of an organization isn't easy. One thing is for sure: Portfolio management is a complex management undertaking that continuously challenges even the most seasoned professionals. So the question that often arises is: What makes this so complex?

Making Sense of Portfolio Management

by Bruce Harpham

By one measure, portfolio management is a specialized discipline best suited for organizations with high project management maturity. How do you know when it makes sense to add a portfolio management function or office to your organization?

The Misnomer of the Portfolio Lifecycle

by Andy Jordan

One of the fundamental tenets of portfolio management is the concept of a portfolio lifecycle, from planning through delivery and benefit attainment. The problem? That’s completely wrong.

The Future Is Now in Portfolio Planning

by Andy Jordan

Shorter planning windows, driven by shifting market and customer demands, are changing the role of portfolio management. But it creates new challenges and risks that must be addressed. Here’s a real-world example.

The Role of the Portfolio Manager

by Andy Jordan

Portfolio management has become a much more important discipline in the last few years, but what exactly is a portfolio manager’s role in the organization?

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