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Agile Portfolio Management

Oct 24, 2017 12:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

When the enterprise is compelled to be adaptive, who is supposed to orchestrate an agile way of working? Enter the Agile Portfolio Manager.

Advance Your Career

PMXPO 2017: PPM: Simpler Can Be Better

by Michael Wood
April 27, 2017 | 62:45 | Views: 951 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.85 / 7

As small to midsized organizations find the number and complexity of projects to be tracked and managed growing, they realize there is a need to create processes that can routinely validate, organize, prioritize and evaluate how those projects are pursued—and measure the value they deliver. For many, creating a formal PPM function is a daunting task—and well outside management’s comfort zone. The good news is that PPM doesn’t have to be complicated.

Visuals Matter! Using Effective Visuals to Support Project and Portfolio Decisions

by Joana Geraldi, Mario Arlt
December 01, 2016 | 59:55 | Views: 17,443 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.68 / 7

In Visuals Matter!, the result of a two-year research project funded by the Project Management Institute and University College London, authors Joana Geraldi and Mario Arlt explore the impact of visuals on cognition and communication in project portfolio decisions. Their goal is to increase project practitioners’ and scholars’ awareness about how important visuals can be and to provide guidance on how visuals can be used and designed to enhance business.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Key Performance Indicator Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Harold Hunt

While numerous key performance indicators (KPIs) typically influence IT projects generally, the benefit of tracking all of them may be outweighed by the cost to do so. Therefore, each project must carefully select and manage those KPIs most relevant to its specific situation. This sample template can be used to define KPIs; also included is a table with examples of possible KPIs for each of the previously defined project-critical success factors (PCSFs) and a metric (measure and dimension) for each KPI. Use in conjunction with the article Determining IT Project Health.

PPM Implementation Guidelines


Before implementing a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, expectations, support and staffing must be addressed. Here are guidelines based on six key questions that can help ensure your rollout is not only successful but improves alignment and delivers benefits across the organization.

Portfolio Risk Management Plan Template

by Andy Jordan

Don’t try and do too much with the risk management plan. It is just a summary document that provides an overview of the portfolio risks and allows access to more detail. Consider building this template within your PPM tool or within a corporate collaboration tool. This template has been built for the portfolio level, but it can easily be adapted for programs/projects with some simple rewording of columns.

Agile Project Management, Collaboration Tool-Sets & PPM Tool-Sets

PREMIUM presentation
by Tayo Akingboye

This presentation looks at a brief history and a definition of agile project management; looks at factors that affect selection of collaboration tool-sets; and looks at key features of project portfolio management tool-sets and at making PPM a business process.

Portfolio Review Checklist

PREMIUM checklist
by Andy Jordan

In addition to regular management activities, the portfolio should also be subjected to a more formal quarterly review, and that’s what this checklist is designed to support. It provides the portfolio manager with a structure for the review process and allows the meeting(s) with leaders to focus on the critical elements of the portfolio.

Learn From Others

The Future Is Now in Portfolio Planning

by Andy Jordan

Shorter planning windows, driven by shifting market and customer demands, are changing the role of portfolio management. But it creates new challenges and risks that must be addressed. Here’s a real-world example.

The Role of the Portfolio Manager

by Andy Jordan

Portfolio management has become a much more important discipline in the last few years, but what exactly is a portfolio manager’s role in the organization?

Project Portfolio Management: A Practical Process

by Michael Wood

Most of us in the world of project management are acquainted with the concept of project portfolio management, but how many of us really understand exactly what PPM managers actually do? What processes do they follow?

Is a PMO Worth It?

by Dr. Lisa Hatherill, DM/IST, MBA, PMP

As a company with multiple sites running independently becomes a consolidated organization, we must consider if a PMO is necessary or advantageous. Does an organic PMO organized and run as a grassroots operation by project managers work well enough? Does a PMO fit in our organizational culture? Is the cost of creating and maintaining a PMO worth the investment?

Project Management’s Role in Strategic Implementation

by Abeni James

Organizations have long acknowledged the role that strategic planning plays in future success. Here we discuss the role project management can play in strategic implementation, as well as the function of the PMO—particularly the enterprise-wide PMO within this context of strategic implementation, using project management to drive the process.

PMO Lessons Learned

by Andy Jordan

The lessons learned concept is a fairly standard part of a project delivery methodology, but should the same concept be applied to a PMO?

Observations from Orlando: PMOs are Embracing Change

by Ben Chamberlain

The Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit is generally regarded as one of the premier events for project management professionals. This year, many of the event’s attendees were actively taking steps toward embracing the changes that Gartner continues to warn us will one day rock our worlds. One attendee explores his experience.

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