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Simplifying Lean Six Sigma to Work in an Agile Environment

by Stelian Roman
December 05, 2018 | 60:42 | Views: 6,719 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.09 / 5

Lean Six Sigma techniques can be used at a smaller scale, but to be successful it needs to be adapted to the specifics of IT projects. This presentation is based on a real case study, using Lean Six Sigma to measure the impact of process improvement initiatives in a hybrid project delivery environment.

Lean-Driven Project Management

by Norbert Majerus
July 18, 2017 | 59:39 | Views: 9,861 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.21 / 5

Lean practices have revolutionized the manufacturing industry; the application of lean principles have also had a big impact in construction, IT, services and health care. In this webinar we will share some of those principles and practices and give examples how they can be used in a large variety of projects.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Action Item Tracker

by Amogh Kutumbe

Document your action items—along with their owners, priority and progress—using this log.

Corrective and Preventive Action Form

PREMIUM deliverable
by Payam Montazami

Corrective and preventive actions are improvements to an organization's processes taken to eliminate causes of non-conformities or other undesirable situations with clients and software. You can use this template as is, or as a starting point to make your own. This multi-purpose template can apply to both internal and external entities.

Key Performance Indicator Template (Japanese Translation)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Harold Hunt

多数の主要業績評価指標(KPI)は一般的にITプロジェクトに一般的に影響しますが、そのすべてを追跡するメリットはコストを上回る可能性があります。 したがって、各プロジェクトは、その特定の状況に最も関連するKPIを慎重に選択して管理する必要があります。 このサンプルテンプレートを使用してKPIを定義できます。 以前に定義されたプロジェクト重大成功要因(PCSF)のそれぞれについての可能なKPIの例と、各KPIのメトリック(メジャーとディメンション)を含む表も含まれています。 「ITプロジェクトの健全性を判断する」記事と併用してください。

Flowchart: Project Management Plan

PREMIUM presentation
by Baria Abu Ghoush

This single-page PDF flowchart shows the workflow diagram that clearly illustrates the stages of a typical project, which consists of relations between all parts of the project cycle. Workflow diagrams are used to represent the transferring of deliverables during the project phases, to study and analyze the working processes, and to optimize a workflow. Use it as a visual refresher or teaching tool.

Material Checklist (Korean Translation)

PREMIUM checklist
by Rami Kaibni

이 재료 체크리스트 및 사인 오프 양식은 모든 유형의 재료 검사에 사용할 수 있습니다. 이것은 품질 관리 과정에서 건설에 널리 사용되지만 다른 비 건설 분야에도 적용될 수 있습니다.

Learn From Others

5 Ways to Improve Quality in 30 Days

by Bruce Harpham

Many projects deliver on time but fail to meet the budget—and poor quality is one significant contributor to these woes. Instead of waiting for an external review or PMO tips, seize the initiative yourself to improve quality.

Quality Agile Management

by Johanna Rothman

How managers change with agile approaches is vital. The more management excellence—the more quality in management—the easier it is to use an agile approach. That requires a change in how managers think about and create the agile culture.

Quality Management in a Full-Speed World

by Andy Jordan

With more and more pressure to accelerate delivery and shorten the time to market, how do we ensure quality standards don’t suffer?

The Seeds to Successful Quality Management

by Michael Wood

The truly successful organizations that end up embracing the principles of quality management and reap sustainable benefits do so by taking a more evolutionary approach. They sow seeds that are allowed to take deep root within the culture of the organization—while also harvesting benefits quickly.

Defining Project Quality

by Andy Jordan

As project managers, we know that quality is one of the factors we have to manage in a project. But what does that mean? You likely have an answer, but it’s probably incomplete or inaccurate. That’s not your fault; it’s the way projects are structured and executed today.

Has Quality Management Really Changed?

by Bruce Garrod

Like project management, quality management has existed for centuries and continues to be refined. This author's sense, however, is that neither have—at their roots—dramatically changed.

Keeping Software Safe (Japanese Translation)

by Sandhya Gupta

エンジニアリングチームがベストプラクティスに従い、セキュリティ要件をソフトウェア製品に組み込もうとしているときでさえ、企業は依然として報告された問題の流入を見ています。 これらのヒントを覚えておいてください。

Keeping Software Safe

by Sandhya Gupta

Even when engineering teams follow best practices and work on incorporating security requirements into software products, companies still see an influx of reported issues. Keep these tips in mind.

Software-Simplistic Prediction Model for Bug Forecasting

by Steve Poessnecker

Project bugs and the forecasting of progress can be complex. An Excel spreadsheet can be employed to gauge the progress of the testing and resolution teams. Using this simplistic method in conjunction with test-estimation techniques can help the project manager determine the completion date for testing efforts.

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