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PMI Scheduling Conference 2017

March 29, 2017 | Online

New technologies, hybrid projects, the launch of a PMO—when the environment is constantly changing, how do you craft a schedule (or multiple schedules) for project success? Discover timely answers here—and only here—at the PMI Scheduling Conference 2017, exclusively for PMI members.

PMI Scheduling Conference 2016

March 30, 2016 | Online

Love project scheduling? Or just want to learn what’s new in the world of project scheduling? Attend the PMI Scheduling Conference – exclusively for PMI Members. Learn the latest in scheduling best practices not available anywhere outside of PMI. We’ll share tips and tools from real-life projects and programs.

On-demand Webinars

Microsoft Project Do’s and Don’ts

by Kimberly Johnson, Sam Huffman
November 19, 2019 | 53:27 | Views: 355 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.45 / 5

This session will walk the attendee through 10 practices that are sure to be problematic.

Introduction to Delay Analysis & Forensic Planning

by Ahmed Fouad Sedky
April 10, 2019 | 59:19 | Views: 6,828 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.38 / 5

This webinar provides an introduction to Delay Analysis; Forensic Planning; and Scheduling and how they relate to Extension of Time Requests preparation and submission. Attendees will learn: Delay types and how disputes arise; the difference between the Critical Path and the Longest Path; delay analysis / forensic planning/ scheduling techniques and when to use each technique; and tips on preparing successful Extension of Time Requests.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Proposal Estimation and Planning Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Sanjiv Dhupkar

There are many available techniques for estimation; however, during the RFP/proposal stage, estimation becomes a challenge due to the high level of scope and information, short durations, urgent submissions, etc. One has to rely on a work breakdown methodology and past experience to derive the schedule, effort and resource requirements. This sample template will help you log a variety of planning activities.

WBS Generator

by Jerome Smith

This WBS Generator allows you to create a work breakdown structure by updating an Excel table and clicking a button. Users can create conditional formats to highlight keywords, change the options to modify the look and feel, maintain the WBS with on-the-fly updates, and add second- and third-level boxes. By creating custom conditional formats, project managers focus stakeholder attention to key points in the WBS. Code has been updated to run on Excel 365.

Gantt Planner for Excel

by Gary Weber

The tool creates a Gantt chart that can be used for presentations. Using this planner for "what-if" upfront planning is faster and easier than trying to do it in real time with dedicated project software. The tool easily allows adding comments or annotations to a Gantt chart, re-arranging tasks into logical flows, or showing multiple tasks in a single row.

Overview of the Project Management Process

by John Galyon

While actively participating in mentorship during a project with a local design/build firm, this practitioner compiled an overview of the project management process as detailed in PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Use this overview with other project managers as a tool to reference in your day-to-day PM activities (as well as share with new project managers).

Learn From Others

Estimation in the Era of Continuous Change

by Andy Jordan

With projects increasingly being initiated with incomplete scopes—and with change becoming ever more frequent—what role does estimation play today?

How Much Time Should Be Spent Planning?

by Stephen Biddle, PMP

How long should we spend on planning as a proportion of the project lifecycle? That's a very good question, and one this practitioner often gets asked. So, is there an answer?

Coordination in the Supply Chain Management of Complicated Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning Projects

by Niansheng Chu

Coordination plays an important role in both project and supply chain management, especially in regard to complicated engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) projects. Analysis of supply chain management for a floating production storage and offloading unit (FPSO) building illustrates the differences between traditional-industry and complicated EPCC projects.

Component-Based Work Breakdown Structures – A Simplified Version

by Brenda L. Taylor, MS, PMP

Using a component-based work breakdown structure (WBS) can enhance your organization’s planning efficiency. Components can be put into a “catalog of components” to be used as “building blocks” to quickly construct a baseline project management plan. Components are a simple solution to give you a starting point and transfer useful knowledge from project to project.

The Limits of the Linear Approach to Schedule Variance

by Vladimir Malinovskiy

In this article, schedule variance is modeled to show the comparison and relationship of actual project progress and the schedule baseline. The underlying linear model of the schedule performance index (SPI) is explained and visualized with the budget square chart. The limits of the linear SPI approach are shown, and then an improved non-linear visualization is explored.

Time Management for New PMs: A Balancing Act

by Andy Jordan

Chaos loves a vacuum. New project managers often struggle with managing their time. That leads to things getting missed—and disaster will soon follow.

Guessing Is Not Estimating

by Andy Jordan

Project plans are still being built based on guesswork, and those plans and associated schedules become “locked” as the deadline the project must deliver against and the number of people needed to do the work. As a project manager, you must avoid falling into that trap.

Event Project Management: 5 Best Practice Tips

by Mark Romanelli, Dr. Susanne Gellweiler

Project managers are regularly called on to coordinate event projects. The list provided here includes some tips from event management experts, who share some best practices.

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