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I run Otobos Consultants Ltd, providing mentoring, copywriting and project support to individuals and businesses. I write The Money Files blog and A Girl's Guide to Project Management. Find me on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Thomas Luke Jarocki is an internationally recognized PMI-sponsored speaker, author, and sought after project advisor for integrating organizational/behavioral change management practices with project management expertise. His innovative methods for managing people, projects, & change have been embraced by executives, project leaders, professional organizations, and academia. A popular PMI SeminarsWorld leader, he provides highly-rated workshops, seminars, & presentations to audiences worldwide.

Jack Duggal is an international speaker, changemaker, author, and transformational leader. His passion is to seek and provide different perspectives in how to deal with the DANCE (Dynamic | Ambiguous | Non-Linear | Complex | Emergent) nature of organizations and life. His purpose is to inspire people to make a difference and impact, through transformational strategy-execution in a persistently turbulent DANCE-world. Jack is a TEDx speaker and deep into decoding Strategy-Execution & PMOs.

Carlene Szostak is a proven senior leader with a broad range of experience managing people, process and technology. She is presently a Managing Partner of C Squared, Inc., a global strategic consulting organization where she is responsible for developing and delivering a broad range of corporate development programs customized for Fortune 500 level businesses.



As a certified coach, speaker and trainer, I couldn’t be more excited to help you taking your business and life to the next level. One of the things that drives my passion every day is that I get to add value to people and help them unlock their potentials, they are the core of the business. Agile Project Portfolio Management, John Maxwell Leadership Program and the Clifton Strengths Programs is a great combination to Lead with Strengths and Empowered teams to accelerate business results.

I have been practicing organization change since 1962 in 44 countries with over 1,000 systems. As the world talks of transformation, I actually DO IT. Have authored/edited 25 books and 100's of articles. We have libraries of over 50 free videos. I am known for leading the competency development for organization change that has now evolved to the Global Framework for OD as well as Whole System Transformation (WST). WST is a fast, economical and deep change process integrated with PM.

On site, check out my articles and Eye on the Workforce blog. LinkedIn:


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