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Bob Weinstein is a journalist, syndicated columnist, blogger and author of 14 books. He writes and edits the Sunday workplace section for four Hearst Media Group's Connecticut newspapers.

Gus Cicala is CEO & President of Project Assistants, Inc., a Microsoft Project premier partner and leading enterprise project management solution provider that offers consulting, training, products, and custom development services. To learn more about Project Assistants EPM offerings, please visit You are invited to contact Gus Cicala at: (302) 477-9711.

Dr. Rico has been in IT for 35+ years; works on large cloud, lean, agile, safe, devops projects; teaches at 7 universities; published 7 books; frequent int'l keynote; given 260 talks to 105,000 people; and frequent PMI, ALN, INCOSE and SPIN speaker.

Case studies, interviews, technology roundups and book reviews, expert columns, research and much more — content that deals with the challenges and issues that project managers, teams and organizations face every day. An ever-evolving, expanding source of real-world experiences and ideas shared by the project community.

A competent professional with more than 14 years of quality experience in Telecommunication / IT Project Management, Key Account Management and Maintenance. Operations. Strong abilities in spearheading Telecom projects with an objective to maintain trouble-free operations and controlled business expenditure. Experience with emphasis on Project handling from Initiating, Planning, Executing, and Monitoring/Controlling and closing, consistent achievement of goals using organizational, lead skills

Hello, I'm Luiz Henrique, mechanical engineer and postgraduate in project management.

I care about work places that provide value for customers, stakeholders, and employees. Co-author of Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management and Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great.

Human A.P.E.E. [ Author | Philosopher | Entrepreneur | Educator ] | Author of "I Think, Therefore I Plan" -

-More than 30 years working on help to organizations survival thanks diferentiation and proactivity. -Nominated SME (Subject Matter Expert) by PMI and IIBA institutes. Because of that I am key participant into congress where methology aspect from both disciplines are defined.

As president and CEO of Project (formerly, Dave Garrett is dedicated to creating value for the project management community and to the continued growth of Project's media network (Project,, and others), which now reaches nearly 600,000 Project Managers Worldwide. Contact me: For anything you need that's Project Management related. I want us to help in any way we can.


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