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Independent project manager, author, trainer and consultant based in Canmore, Alberta. In 1994 I was fortunate to be involved in the creation of the agile method DSDM and have been using agile methods including FDD, Scrum and XP for the last 23 years. I served on the board of directors for the Agile Alliance and the board of the Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN). I co-founded the PMI Agile Community of Practice, served on the Steering Committee for the PMI-ACP certification.

I run Roffensian Consulting, Focused on strategic and business transformation initiatives, PMOs & portfolio management. I also teach project management and I'm never short of opinions. I have several portfolio management and PMO courses on LinkedIn Learning ( and I'm the author of Risk Management for Project Driven Organizations, available now on Amazon. Contact me at or follow me on Twitter @RoffensianPM

Jack Duggal is an international speaker, changemaker, author, and transformational leader. His passion is to seek and provide different perspectives in how to deal with the DANCE (Dynamic | Ambiguous | Non-Linear | Complex | Emergent) nature of organizations and life. His purpose is to inspire people to make a difference and impact, through transformational strategy-execution in a persistently turbulent DANCE-world. Jack is a TEDx speaker and deep into decoding Strategy-Execution & PMOs.

Carlene Szostak is a proven senior leader with a broad range of experience managing people, process and technology. She is presently a Managing Partner of C Squared, Inc., a global strategic consulting organization where she is responsible for developing and delivering a broad range of corporate development programs customized for Fortune 500 level businesses.

Thomas Luke Jarocki is an internationally recognized PMI-sponsored speaker, author, and sought after project advisor for integrating organizational/behavioral change management practices with project management expertise. His innovative methods for managing people, projects, & change have been embraced by executives, project leaders, professional organizations, and academia. A popular PMI SeminarsWorld leader, he provides highly-rated workshops, seminars, & presentations to audiences worldwide.

Lifelong learning.

Walter Edwards has served as a professional and leader in Japan successfully delivering projects for multi-national organizations. He is able to communicate with local and global stakeholders effectively and keep team members focused on high-priority items needed to reach goals. A wide variety of interests and passion for people to people communication inspire him to overcome obstacles to deliver results

I am a former 82nd airborne paratrooper and have been living as a digital nomad for over three years. I have been traveling The United States of America, Canada, and Mexico on a motorcycle while working successfully as an IT project manager.

He’s a semi-retired highly skilled, up-to-date executive level project and program manager and experience leading projects with labor budgets ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to multi-million-dollar across multiple industries. He was chief strategists at one of the world's greatest technology success stories - Netscape. His insights and foresights are sought after and have been presented in briefings to the US Congress, NATO and business leaders in nearly four-dozen countries.

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"Once, during prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water."

- W. C. Fields