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Irfan Shariff is an expert project manager with a passion for delivering exceptional results for his clients. He is passionate about driving the adoption of project management in its entirety in organizations, so that they can utilize it to repeatedly deliver exceptional value to their stakeholders, in the most effective and efficient way. He can be reached at

International Project Manager with Digital Media - Games - Feature Films - Inbound and Outbound IP licensing background at Mattel, Electronic Arts, Nickelodeon and many startups

Ken is the creator of PM Chalkboard video shorts, ex-VP of engineering at various software development companies, leadership consultant, workshop presenter, digital graphics/publishing enthusiast, the past editor for Better Software magazine and, with the same organization, the host of TechWell web seminars. He is a noted tech author and is working on a blended learning course called Young Person's Guide to Project Management.

• A results driven information technology and industrial automation professional, with 30+ years of experience in information technology (17 years) and industrial electronics (13 years). • Since Jan 2015 working on a self-initiative of "Go Extra Mile for Home" (GEM For Home) – A website to help institution of home and family to "Go that Extra Mile" for a happier, content home, with relevant tips and articles.

Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA Canada) A dedicated Career Coach, Agile Trainer and certified Senior Portfolio and Project Management Professional holding a bachelor’s degree in Structural Engineering and over 15 years of professional experience in Professional Development / Career Coaching, Portfolio/Program/Project Management, Construction Management, and Business Development. RMK Website: RMK Coaching

From midsize firms to multinationals, I am a collaborative and approachable "roll-up-your-sleeves" senior general management executive that transforms companies into profitable organizations. I am a bilingual (Spanish) professional with 20+ years of experience at the C-level firms with teams of 1000+ and annual sales of $60M in the B2B services markets. My expertise is in international operations, global business development, and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). Chicago, USA - Mallorca, Spain

Hands-on executive with 20 years' strategic and operational experience in global organizations, willing to jump in and get the job done, while underscored by a high emotional intelligence, humility, respectful work with others, and a strong desire to be a part of a team.


Project Manager used to work under pressure. Looking for innovation and continuous improvement to achieve project goals. Great problem solving ability and leadership managing up large working groups in several projects simultaneously

If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.

- Jack Handey



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