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Over 15+ years’ experience in leading organization transformation through alignment of strategy and execution thru PMO management. Specializing in building PMOs and revitalizing and assessing value proposition of existing PMOs. Building project, program and portfolio practices across industries and organization size ranging from fortune 100 to start-ups in an global setting

I help change management professionals and organizations reach their peak potential. Given my diverse background in engineering, management, and organizational transformation I am able to work with project managers to develop a highly effective, adaptive and agile strategy that not only increases the chances of a successful outcome but positions them as a leader in their organization and improves their career opportunities. LinkedIn Profile:

Angela Courtney, MBA, PMP, CCMP, CSM is a Director with Ankura and based in Nashville. She specializes in change leadership, strategic planning, revenue growth, and operations improvement and is the Founder of the Nashville chapter of the Association of Change Management Professionals. She also puts her project management and change leadership skills to use as the volunteer CEO of Scholar Serve and as an Advisor with the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

Engaging community through content creation, knowledge and networking. Twitter: @HeyKristinJ


20+ years experience as a management consultant and HR professional with expertise in change management for large-scale projects related to merger acquisitions, field force expansions, and organizational transformation. HR expertise in competency models and talent management and leadership development. Authored programs on change management, strategic account mngt, teamwork, and talent development. B.A. from American University and a Masters in Labor Relations from Cornell.


Patrick McBane is a Consultant and Lead Trainer for FSH Strategy Consultants - Transformational Leadership. Along with developing teams and leadership cultures for SMB clients - he heads up the Global Initiatives for FSH - TL to emerging countries in Africa and Asia.

- Project Management - Program Management - Portfolio Management - Project Management Processes / Project Management Process Audit - Change Management - Mentoring / Coaching / Training - PMP Trainer - SDI Facilitator I am available for any of the above and for presentations, talks & speaking engagements on any of the above. My experience covers the Healthcare, IT and Construction Sector.

Best Selling Author and 'Change Management Advisor,' I help businesses embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution in a seamless fashion. As a successful mentor, coach, and efficiency-enhancement guide to C.E.O.s across the various industry segments, I share my well-researched insights into upcoming tech scene to help them be at their productive best at all times. My analytical approach takes into account a unique ‘Five W’ process to overcome the element of surprise.

"I would never die for my beliefs, cause I might be wrong."

- Bertrand Russell