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Olivier helps his clients to be better companies. For their own clients and their employees. By being more efficient, productive and responsible in the way they turn their Vision into reality. He helps them to realize their optimal Value and to give Sense to their Mission and their Strategy.

Donna Brighton is passionate about advancing the discipline of change management and believes that working together we can increase the effectiveness of change around the world. Donna is a world class expert in organizational culture and change with a focus on culture change, workplace transformation and strategy acceleration.

Greetings all. Having retired from a successful 33 year career with Johnson Controls, in roles ranging from the shop floor to Director of Global Change Management working with many of the Fortune 500, I have much practical experience to share with the next generation of leaders. These days I work with executives, directors and managers to improve their ability at managing organizational effectiveness, specifically around the belief: "It can be done." Published author. Speaker. Change Guide.

He’s a semi-retired highly skilled, up-to-date executive level project and program manager and experience leading projects with labor budgets ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to multi-million-dollar across multiple industries. He was chief strategists at one of the world's greatest technology success stories - Netscape. His insights and foresights are sought after and have been presented in briefings to the US Congress, NATO and business leaders in nearly four-dozen countries.

I help managers and management consultants to add a nonlinear mindset to their work, embrace uncertainty and use the complexity of our reality to enhance their impacts.

My name is Frank Dieters and I am a forward-thinking transitionist and manager in the public sector. As an intuitive change agent, I am always on the lookout for other realities and truths. Driven by my inquisitive nature, I unravel unexpected connections and similarities between different sectors and stakeholders. Whatever the project, I come in as the Team Rallier to co-develop and realize creative and sustainable solutions as a response to the socio-economic challenges of tomorrow... even far beyond.

I am an experienced benefits realisation management practitioner, trainer and author I provide consultancy analysing, identifying and delivering customer, financial and other benefits for organisations. I develop and deliver training on Benefits Realisation Management with experience in the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia and China, and am co-author of Practical Benefits Realisation Management - a practical and pragmatic guide for applying benefits management on any change initiative.

Dr. Jim Marion, PMP is an Assistant Professor with Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide. He is currently the Program Chair of the MS in Engineering Management Program, and the Discipline Chair for Project Management. His experience includes leading large organizations in multiple product launches in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, as well as significant experience with Japanese companies including NEC and Panasonic. Dr. Marion has a Ph.D., MBA, MSc., MS and PMP

As project leaders we are the spearhead of change!

"Whatever does not destroy me makes me stronger."

- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche