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Marie Nadia Vincent, (Nadia) is a Global IT Management Consultant (MBA), and an author with about two decades of experience on the American and European continents for Fortune 500 companies. She has great experience managing high profile IT projects and offshore teams in the financial sector. Nadia specializes in IT Project/Program Management, Change Management, and Digital Transformation Leadership. She is the author of the book "The digital Transformation Success Formula".

Lisa is a renowned thought leader and recognized international speaker on project management. As a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences, Lisa is passionate about supporting business success through practical project management practices. Lisa is the principal of Your Project Office, a training and consulting practice dedicate to introducing project management as a business competency and instilling accountability, improving decision-making and enhancing communications.

Network:3242 Dana Brownlee is an Atlanta based corporate trainer/keynote speaker. She specializes in designing engaging, interactive presentations and workshops that leave participants with tools they can use! She can be reached at Her first book “The Unwritten Rules of Managing Up: Project Management Techniques from the Trenches”) was published in 2019.

My name is Frank Dieters and I am a forward-thinking transitionist and manager in the public sector. As an intuitive change agent, I am always on the lookout for other realities and truths. Driven by my inquisitive nature, I unravel unexpected connections and similarities between different sectors and stakeholders. Whatever the project, I come in as the Team Rallier to co-develop and realize creative and sustainable solutions as a response to the socio-economic challenges of tomorrow... even far beyond.

Network:2052 Skype: wintude Whatsapp/Mobile: 001-734-686-2389 Nic is a transformation leader working with Fortune 500 companies for over two decades. He is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, Executive that has worked globally leading large complex programs.

Currently, I am based in Hamburg and working on a large logistics construction project leading the PMO. Before that I was developing innovative business models for digital aircraft cabins. Working in the UK I have led a PMO for product certification. I have enjoyed living and working in several countries. I devote my free time to Sports and Music. I live my values of integrity, tolerance, and a healthy portion of competitiveness in every aspect of life. I always look out for exciting adventures

Yves Cavarec is a Project Management Consultant I focus on what I best do: interim project or program manager in order to - break a deadlock and make a fresh start on new footing - put a complex project or program on track - provide visibility on the project status, clarify objectives, reconsider project execution...

Rod Baxter is principal and cofounder of Value Generation Partners, headquartered in Naples, FL. In his thirty-year career, he has led operational excellence and continuous improvement efforts for global Fortune 500 companies. Please copy the following links and paste into your browser to; - connect with me on LinkedIn: - check out my author spotlight page: - visit:

Alfredo is Executive Chairman at Aristeia Corporation and Risk Consultant at Palisade. He has a remarkable technical background in risk analysis, portfolio optimization and business analytics. Since 2015, he has been Adjunct Professor at ESPAE Graduate School of Management. Beyond his PMI credentials, he has CLTD and SCOR-P professional endorsements awarded by APICS Supply Chain Council. Further information about Alfredo, please visit his LinkedIn profile:

I'm an understanding and proactive Project Manager who always looks to excel in every project that I run I build my teams and projects based upon several clear ground rules: open communication, trust and good will to enable my team to perform their work and complete their projects to a high standard. I'm very enthusiastic and passionate about project management and love sharing my knowledge with others. Please check out my website: for more information or twitter at: Em_The_PM


"Every child is born blessed with a vivid imagination. But just as muscles grow flabby with disuse, so the bright imagination of a child pales in later years if he ceases to exercise it."

- Walt Disney



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