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PMXPO 2020

March 26, 2020 | online

We start the new decade with a bang as we present the 13th edition of our annual virtual conference and exhibition! Whether you’re a seasoned PM or new to the field, PMXPO provides an excellent opportunity to learn, network, earn PDUs and broaden your perspective on project management. This year’s show is headlined by keynote speaker Cara Brookins, a bestselling author who rebuilt her broken family by building her own house watching “how-to” videos on YouTube.

PMI Talent & Technology Symposium 2018

June 13, 2018 | Online

The PMI Talent & Technology Symposium 2018 is the fusion of two prior events, the Internet Systems & Technologies Symposium, and the Talent Management Conference. The new event focuses on the impact of rapidly changing technologies on the project management discipline and careers. Participants will better understand how emerging technologies affect their career and skills progression, as well as the evolving needs of hiring managers as they seek out top project management talent.

PMI Information Systems & Technology Symposium 2017

June 14, 2017 | Online

Risk, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things—as technology transforms project management, PM professionals are either ahead of the game, or falling behind. Stay current and competitive with the 2017 PMI Information Systems & Technology Symposium. Exclusive to PMI members, this free, virtual event delivers a full day of intelligence on innovation and its impact on your PM career. • Gain insight into the tech-driven trends disrupting our industry, without leaving your desk • Network with the PMI global community while developing the skills organizations are looking for today—and tomorrow • Earn 6 PDUs • Get actionable intelligence you will not find anywhere else, tailored specifically for project and program managers Register today— Here are more details on sessions and speakers.

On-demand Webinars

Project HEADWAY: Essential Principles for New Project Managers

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP
September 15, 2022 | 62:00 | Views: 4,703 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.73 / 5

In this presentation, Mark Mullaly endeavors to take some of the guesswork out of getting started. You'll explore the essentials of what it takes to be an effective project manager, and how to put your best foot forward on your first day in the role. He examines what you need to now about process, practices, people and politics. You'll get experienced advice to apply in a situation where experience is what you most feel is missing. Whether you are a new project manager, or one that has been around the block a few times, this is a presentation where you are likely to still get a wealth of value and insight.

Ask Us Anything - PMI Certification Offerings through the Certification Framework!

by Alicia Burke, Glenn Farrow, Joe Falu, Robert Maiale, Sylvia Rivera, Tina Pierson, Kim Marcelliano, Nancy Huebner
December 03, 2021 | 54:11 | Views: 3,405 | PDUs: | Rating: 4.60 / 5

In this installment of the Discover PMI – Ask Us Anything Series, we will provide an overview of PMI’s Certification offerings through the Certification Framework. PMI was founded by volunteers in 1969 and since then has provided certifications and credentials to allow individuals to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Today’s employment market has been impacted by the disruption of traditional business models due to the continued move to a project oriented economy and global events impacting supply chains and the way individuals work. No longer does the ‘corporate ladder’ meet the needs of employees. The Certification Framework provides a view of the more ‘squiggly’ career paths that are coming into focus now and should be with us in the future. In this session, the Certification team will introduce and describe the breadth of products available and provide an opportunity for you to interact with the Product Owners. If you are interested in learning more about possible next steps in the profession, this webinar will be a must-attend event for you.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Project Management Template Package

PREMIUM deliverable
by Lukas Kripal

This Excel workbook provides eight logs and registers to help your project. It includes a Changes Log, a Lessons Learned Log, an Assumptions-Constraints Log, an Issues Log, a Risk Register (with accompanying risk guide and list), a Customer Promise Log, a Project Task Tracker, and an RFI Tracker. It's perfect for new and seasoned PMs alike.

Project Risk Plan Workbook

PREMIUM deliverable
by Khaled Istanbouli

This Excel workbook will help you form a comprehensive risk plan with templates for a Project Plan, Work Breakdown Structure, Dependency Log, Rick Plan, Project Procurements Registry and Project Communications Log. It is helpful for experienced and new PMs alike.

Project Charter Template

by Dianne Naughton

This two-page project charter template includes sections for a stakeholder list, summary milestone schedule for various project phases (like collecting requirements, the development phase and prototype testing), and more. Adapt it to fit your specific project.

Overview of the Project Management Process

by John Galyon

While actively participating in mentorship during a project with a local design/build firm, this practitioner compiled an overview of the project management process as detailed in PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Use this overview with other project managers as a tool to reference in your day-to-day PM activities (as well as share with new project managers).

Learn From Others

Overview of Information Security for New and Non-IT Project Managers

white paper
by Rubaiyyaat Aakbar

Information security is all about protection of information and its critical elements (confidentiality, integrity and availability), including the systems and process that use, store and transmit that information. When it comes to information security, what exactly does it mean to us as project managers? This author helps you put the right procedures in place.

Rule #1 of Project Management: Have Fun?

by Andy Jordan

A project management exercise with kids was a humbling experience for an experienced practitioner, and it led to some valuable lessons and an important question: Are we having enough fun in our craft? These four techniques can help.

Understanding the Cost of Change

by Andy Jordan

The process of change management has been simplified in many ways, reducing the amount of overhead required to approve change requests. But there is still going to be disruption to the team, and that’s going to impact the ability to deliver. Here we identify the factors that need to be considered.

How to Navigate the ‘Boring’ Middle Part of Your Projects

by Andy Jordan

There’s a point in every project where PMs don’t have much to do. The work is moving forward without them, and they feel a little redundant. How do you deal with that? Follow these do's and don't when your workload slows down.

How Do You Know If You're a Good Leader?

by Andy Jordan

Projects are full of data points that provide some indication of how different aspects of the work are going. But leadership isn’t binary; it isn’t right or wrong. What does leadership success look like? Here are some clues to gauge your performance.

Back to PM Basics (Part 8): How Much Is This Project Going to Cost, Anyway?!

by Bruce Garrod

In order to build accurate project budgets, a project manager must determine what costs they are responsible for managing as part of the project’s execution. Don't forget these types of costs, estimating techniques and calculations the next time you need to estimate a budget.

Nurture the Talent, Don't Abuse the Lack of Experience

by Andy Jordan

If we think back over our careers, we can likely remember situations where we saw new project managers being tricked, teased or joked with. We may even have experienced it, or done it ourselves. We need to do better.

Can You Be a PM Without Loving It?

by Andy Jordan

The career most people pursue requires a compromise, but does project management need to be more than a job? Our craft requires too much commitment from the people doing it—and personal investment in the work. Is it more than just a paycheck to you?

4 Core Competencies New PMs Need Training On

by Bruce Garrod

It’s critical for project managers to have, at a minimum, an understanding of the foundations of our craft. Businesses that refuse to invest in this critical skills development may find themselves facing additional project challenges. Focus on these four core competencies to start.

What Exactly Is Effective Communication? (Part 1)

by Andy Jordan

Communication is key to the success of any project, but what’s the right amount of communication, and when do issues need addressing? Are you sure you need to communicate it at all? In Part 1 of this two-part series, we look at communication from the project manager.

9 ‘Obvious’ PM Rules We Need To Be Reminded Of

by Vikramaditya Srivastava

There is rarely a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to project management, and substantial improvisation is often required. But keeping these sometimes-not-so-obvious lessons in mind can go a long way toward achieving success.

Are You Balancing Your Work Relationships?

by Andy Jordan

Project managers succeed or fail because of the relationships they develop. For new PMs in particular, it’s essential to develop all of those relationships quickly. And that’s where problems sometimes start.

Is There Still a Place for New 'Traditional' Project Managers?

by Andy Jordan

With our craft continuously evolving, is there still a place for "old school" traditional project management—especially when it comes to training new PMs? Are we in danger of losing an essential tool for project success?

How Much Time Should a PM Spend on a Task?

by Andy Jordan

Are you spending too much time updating plans? New project managers are taught a number of disciplines to help them succeed, but they’re not often given any guidance on how long to spend doing those things.

Is Your HR Department Making this Common Training Mistake?

by Andy Jordan

New project managers in agile environments face a unique challenge—one that isn’t always easily understood. If organizations assume that all project management is the same, then they will produce PMs who simply can’t deliver success—and who will rapidly become demoralized.

You’re Never Too Old

by Andy Jordan

Not all new project managers are 20-somethings straight out of school. And if you are a more experienced new PM, there can be some unique challenges.

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