Project Management

Making the Case for Getting the PMP Certification

Doug Foote
The Cynic
I have to admit, I was a cynic about the Project Management Institute's Project Management Professional certification. Then again, I've always been a little cynical about any type of certification, if only for the fact that I've worked with, and managed, certified individuals in the past who's performance was less than adequate. On the flip side, there have been several certified people that are absolutely outstanding. So when the time came that I decided to seriously consider whether or not to go for the certification myself, I had to take a step back and determine what it was that I was trying to accomplish. Taking that step back allowed me to align my personal expectations for myself and the experience, and to study more effectively. What I'd like to try to do in this article is to convince the skeptics out there like me that the PMP might be something that is more than worth your while.

What are the PMI, PMBOK and PMP?
Besides just being a bunch of acronyms with registered trademarks after them, the PMI, PMBOK and PMP are the first things to know about getting certified. Once you know the background of these, you'll have a good start on determining if certification is worth your while.

The PMI, or Project Management Institute, was established in 1969 and today is the world's leading non-profit project management professional association. They are headquartered …

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