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Show Me Your Fringe, Baby!

Miriam Ziemelis

That’s right, the leased cars and the condos in the Bahamas for vacations aren’t just for Big Six Partners anymore! Gone are the days when you slaved away in a Big Six firm, telling your family that in just 10 more years of 14-hour days, you may have the precious title of Partner on your business card and a membership to the country club. Today, candidates don’t really care about the title you are offering, but more what the company as a whole can offer them. For instance, tell them about the cutting-edge technology they will be using, succession planning and the ability to cross train, and you almost have them sold. Now, partner that information by offering a casual work environment with a gym on site--oh, by the way, a company leased car (cherry red, please)--and they are sold! This is all done in the interest of not only recruiting, but also retaining top talent in today’s market.

Is all this the truth or one of our great urban myths? Truth, through and through! In the market today, companies are realizing that the more creative they are with the fringe benefits to potential employees, not only can you attract top talent, but retain them as well. Think about it from your company’s perspective. What wouldn’t you do to recruit talent from your competition? Is a car lease really such a drastic measure? 

Upon …

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I lie every second of the day. My whole life has been a sham.

- George Costanza