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As the WORM Turns...So Does Your Knowledge Management ROI

George Ball

Knowledge management (KM) terminology pop quiz: A worm is:

  1. Bait 
  2. A very different kind of sushi 
  3. Knowledge management’s holy grail.

If you and answered (c), then you’re well on your way to realizing one of the key "returns" you can get from your investment in KM.

WORM, of course, stands for "W  rite O  nce, R  ead M  any." If you view KM as I do – as a key performance-enabling process – then you can see WORM is the ultimate example of efficiency in that process. Write Once, Read Many. Write a procedure once, and have it read automatically in your all your M&Ps, in your business system's online help and in your training materials. Write one product description, and have it read automatically on your web site, in your client presentations and in your packaging and distribution systems. Write one business communique, and have it read automatically in your corporate portal or intranet, in your client newsletter and in your press releases. Write one design specification, and have it read automatically in your vendor specifications, in your best practices and in your next client proposal.

 *Utopian (yu-‘tO-pE-en) – having impossibly ideal conditions; especially of social organizations. Note: visionary is a good synonym for utopian.

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