Project Management

Do Something, Even If It's Wrong!

George Ball

 *co+gno+scen+te (kSn-y&-'shen-tE) Function: noun [Etymology: obsolete Italian]: a person who is especially knowledgeable in a subject. From Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary.
Okay, so you’ve  read every article posted in every channel in this gantthead department, and you’ve even purchased a copy of each of the knowledge management books we’ve recommended. You’ve gathered requirements from all of your prospective end-user groups. You’ve researched the latest technologies and tools. You’ve even created your own little KM 101 primer–with a three-page glossary of KM terminology–in order to illuminate the subject for the non-cognoscente*.  You’re ready, as the saying goes, to “pull the trigger” and get your KM efforts going. But … where do you begin? There’s so much that needs to be done. Knowledge has to be identified, analyzed, organized and presented. Organizational cultures have to be altered. People have to be trained in new processes and tools, and then motivated to accept the new  faith. You don’t want to do the wrong thing, because you might turn people off, and then you’ll never get knowledge management going in your organization. So, where do you begin?

 **apropos ("a-pr&-'pO)
Function: …

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