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Miriam Ziemelis

No, you won’t win any money, but you can save yourself a world of hurt from every employer and independent contractor's best friend, the Internal Revenue Service.  I don’t know about all of you, but I always hear a slight echo in the background when I say that aloud!  It has an ominous tone to it: I…R…S…, it sends chills up my spine!  Moreso at certain times of the year (well, actually four times a year!).  It gets even worse if you aren’t sure if you are following all of the rules in your work to qualify as an independent contractor.  Check out these questions to see if you are following all of the rules sent down from our good friends in the government!

The attached chart is an outline of the IRS guidelines for the 20 factors used to determine whether you have an employee relationship or a contractor relationship with the individual you are working with on any given project.  Keep in mind that this is meant to be used as a guideline.  While it is best to follow each area, it may be that a few of these factors are not applicable to your situation. In any case, if you have a situation wherein you have selected two or more specifics under the Employee Status Law, then you should change those items with your contractor to reflect independent contractor …

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