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Calling All Managers! You Can Look, But Please Don't Write!

Miriam Ziemelis

So, what's so bad about writing on a resume? Well, the answer is that anything you say or write during an interview can be used against you in a court of law.  “What are the chances of that happening?” you ask (and I have actually been asked that question).  Well, have you read the news lately?  It can happen to any company at any time, and even if the person who brings the suit does not end up with a justifiable case, one of the other complainants--and believe me there will be others--may have a valid case.

It works like this, folks. Let’s say that an applicant feels that he was discriminated against.  That person will approach an employment attorney, and that attorney in most cases will try to source a group of previous applicants who feel that they were discriminated against as well.  This leads to all of the files for these applicants being subpoenaed--that means all of your interview notes, testing, exercises, etc. As we all know, there is power in numbers and a greater margin for error on the part of any large or small company.

Now, let’s presume that you have done everything right so far.  You have followed the interview guide (right?!), submitted your notes and attached the candidate’s resume.  Now let’s suppose that on that …

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