Project Management

The Project Manager Is the Keystone to Successful Delivery

Jim Harris

Successful projects have satisfied customers. Customer satisfaction requires setting clear expectations, managing those expectations and meeting those expectations. (Principles of Project Management)

Senior management of every organization cherishes a customer base that provides positive references to prospective clients. Since the mid-1980s, management has implemented quality programs, structured testing processes and departmental procedures to get and keep that customer base. However, management’s efforts to execute processes have often remained fragmented and uncoordinated. Many organizations simply have yet to fully embrace the discipline of actively and centrally managing the delivery of products or services. 

Successful delivery management is an enterprise effort whose objective is a service/product delivery that is on time, within budget and fully satisfactory to the client. Management processes, software tool evaluations and integrated enterprise applications help managers achieve this goal, but when you really think about it, tools and processes alone can’t do the job. What you need is a project manager to be responsible and accountable for delivering products and services. 

Imagine going to a philharmonic concert to hear a program of music played by an orchestra without a conductor. Each orchestra section would be playing …

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