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Vendor Relationships Won't Manage Themselves

Miriam Ziemelis
There are always two sides to the "vendor relations" story. Whenever process improvement is conducted for a human resources department--or most other departments for that matter--the vendor relations piece is always a little sticky. The most common reason for this is that the vendors are telling us one story and management is telling us another. The common theme is that when these relationships work they are golden, but when they don't everyone suffers. Listed below are some common pitfalls and solutions to common vendor relations issues.

Two Sides to Every Story
Common problem: The vendor claims that there is a breakdown in communication, while management maintains that they can't get the work done when they call for project assistance and at other times, can't get the vendor to stop calling!

This problem is most likely caused by a lack of communication. The most common time this breakdown occurs is towards the end of a project. There have been examples of management not providing any feedback at the end of the project and yet other examples of the vendor not performing as anticipated. So, what's the solution? Building a relationship rather than continuously participating in a frantic exchange of phone calls from various vendors will  guarantee a successful project and solid business relationship.

Solution: Don't build a relationship with a vendor unless you plan…

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