Project Management

The Scope Creep Shuffle

Matthew D. Gonzalez, MCSE, PMP

Upon performing several years of project management duties, the inevitable question seems to pop up in almost every project. When is a requirement acceptable, and when is it not acceptable? I, along with many of my peers and managers who contain the approval authority within projects, struggle and wrestle through this exercise quite often, and rest assured, a new and unexpected requirement will arise in your project!


MS Project Corner
Baseline Defense Against Scope Creep
By Brian Kennemer
In the article “Attack of the Scope Creep” you learned about the importance of determining and maintaining control over the scope of your projects. Within Microsoft Project and Project Server it is the Baseline that is the keeper of the original scope. Once a project schedule has been created based on the scope defined by the type of exercises covered in “Attack of the Scope Creep” the a baseline should be saved. The baseline is a copy of the start, finish, duration, work and cost information of the project schedule as it exists at the time the baseline is saved. This data can then be used as a point of comparison once the project schedule starts changing. Using these fields you can create views within Project that show not only which tasks have changed since the baseline was …

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