Project Management

The Gap (Part 1 of 2)

Sainath Nagarajan, PMP, SCPM

A proverbial gap exists between business users articulating their needs and technology teams understanding it and "running with the ball." It's quite easy for project teams to fall into this chasm, and for projects failing after "good money is thrown after bad money"--only because the real business needs were never quite understood and validated by the technology team. This challenge is further compounded by the sometimes confusing barrage of inputs from software vendors--all touting "power drugs" promising the "right sounding" remedies.


As a business analyst with underpinnings in business strategy and information systems management, I have found that the gap between business needs and technology solutions can in fact be bridged through a repeatable framework for success. This does not need silver bullets or "power drugs"; it just requires a good mix of business-oriented people with a well-defined solution delivery approach, backed up by easy to use analytical processes and tools.

The People + The Approach
First off, you will need the right kind of people. You will need a business analyst who is comfortable in constantly asking the question, "What is the real problem we are trying to solve?" and not "one who knows it all." It requires the ability to step out of the role of an expert and play "naïve consultant" and trying to understand where the other person is coming from.

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