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Without goal analysis upfront and compliance management afterwards, IT projects are often doomed.

New technology implementations can bear the sweet fruit of increased profitability and efficiency, but too often the result is sour disappointment. If an unacceptable percentage of IT initiatives end in failure, the root cause in many cases can be traced to well before the actual project even began or long after it officially ended.


Experience shows that when companies do the groundwork-the pre-planning and preparation-they greatly improve their chances of project success. It starts with defining goals and it ends (well, it never really ends) with compliance management.



No IT project should begin without a comprehensive business goal analysis, says Kevin Gulley, a senior partner at Fuel Dog in  Needham, Mass., a technology specialist for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.


"It starts with identifying and defining the opportunities you want to explore-areas where there is substantially high cost or you're spending too much time," Gulley says. "You look at if you have the tools and processes to support what you want to do. Then you're choosing strategically which projects you should invest in. Definition of an opportunity is a project in itself, but a lot of companies don…

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