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Ann Zevnik

In search of tools that foster communication, project teams should say hello to intranets.

It brings people together, removes barriers of time and space, and saves money to boot. It's an intranet, and using one for more than just e-mail can improve communication among project team members. An intranet is a local network used to distribute information internally; it is closed to public access but is linked to the Internet. Whatever its technical specs, the beauty of an intranet lies in its ability to connect documents and people. It puts team members on the same page.


"We've integrated a project management system into our intranet," says Dwight Robinson, project communications manager, Verio Corp.,  Englewood, Colo. "Each project has a home page, file repository with detailed file structure, and a project calendar for meetings, deadlines and milestones. Everyone can see what's going on in one place."


Intranets allow users to work on documents together in real time from any computer or device with Internet access. Because the network is closed to the outside world, the information stored there is private property, especially vital with the threat of viruses and cyber terrorism.


Save Time, Money, Hassle

Users agree that an intranet is handy for conference calls or meetings. Design firm Chute Gerdeman…

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