A Helping Hand

C. Richard Panico

What you need to know when outsourcing project management services.

Are you and your internal project management staff overcommitted? How often are strategic initiatives or tactical projects behind schedule or overbudget? It's no surprise that for many organizations the answers are often "yes" and "more often than they'd prefer."

The harsh reality for many organizations is that the ranks of project managers are spread too thin and artificially supplemented by engineers, scientists and researchers who, despite their best efforts, are untrained in the knowledge, tools and skills necessary for successful project coordination and completion.

Professionally trained project managers can help resolve these stumbling blocks. They focus their full attention on projects without the burden of other responsibilities. They also bring business management expertise to the table, along with tested protocols,and facilitation and leadership experience.

There is no shortage of companies offering project management services. Finding one to meet your specific project needs won't be difficult, but selecting the right one is a project in itself. After you've identified candidates, you can narrow your search with some basic criteria, including geographic location, specific industry experience and cost. Then you must go deeper. Consider these criteria:

Identify values. You should start …

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