IT Governance — Why Now?

David Hurwitz

IT management and governance systems are essential for large enterprises because of five significant changes in the role and practice of IT.

IT Management and Governance systems have entered the mainstream, with leading Global 2000 enterprises in a wide variety of industries implementing them. This leads to two questions:

  • What has IT used to manage and govern itself up to this point?
  • Why change now?

The answer to the first question is that manual methods of management and governance, augmented with project scheduling aides and other point tools, got the job done until very recently. Even though IT has been in the business of providing business systems to the rest of the enterprise for almost fifty years now, there was little reason to deploy a management and governance system for IT’s own use.

The answer to the "Why Now?" question is that business conditions have changed. Technology has not been the impediment. Even though the leading IT-MG systems of 2004 are architected as web service-based applications — a construct with tremendous cost savings, scalability and security benefits — an IT-MG system could reasonably have been developed with OracleForms in 1994, or even on VAX/VMS in 1984.

IT-MG systems didn’t exist in the 80s or 90s because the pressing need — addressing not just one but several business pain points — had not yet …

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