Project Management

Making Collaboration Work

Cathy Webber

The author offers a roadmap to collaborative success. It starts with creating a project-team framework and includes assessing tools and technology needs, creating team champions, involving stakeholders, and rewarding top performance.

Collaboration typically involves teams of people who are chartered to accomplish a common goal. These teams can be internal or external to an organization. In either case, I have found it amazing to discover that while a lot of thought and energy goes into forming these teams, there is often not a solid infrastructure or environment to support the success of these teams and their projects.
Have you ever been involved with a team project that seemed to have little or no support from management? Have you experienced a situation in which the energy level of a team went from being full of hope and potential to being a burden and drudgery, with no hint of enjoyment left at all?
Many times I have wondered why so many projects are such an effort to complete and why so many of them actually fail. I often feel badly about those team members who feel unappreciated, confused, and left out.
Management's Failings
I believe that the cause of these collaborative woes lies in the environment that is created, intentionally or not, by an organization's senior management, who created these projects in the…

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