Project Management

People Problems

Sujit Mishra, PMP

People work in projects to produce something for people. So there isn't anything but human problems in projects. In every technical, financial or schedule problem, a human problem lurks. The most important resource any company has is its people. An important element in managing a complex project is knowing how to manage your most valuable asset: your human resources.


Probably the greatest challenge for global projects is the management of the human resource pools. This is true at a macro (overall staffing) and micro (delegation of work to labor pools) level. Human resources are now assuming a greater role as strategic business partners. Successful companies realize that a true competitive advantage lies in their people. They have been forced to redefine their responsibilities and develop a compelling response for critics who dispute the human resource department's value to the bottom-line.


Human resource management is key to success in any project. A team can make or break the project. Effective project managers must possess strong organizational skills. They can motivate others to work on low-grade work, they can energize them to work harder and put more effort in work, they inspire others to invent new things, they build job satisfaction for others and help them reach self-actualization. Human resource management is serious business. Low team morale …

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