Project Management

Ready, Aim, Hire

Pierre Monacelli

The success or failure of tomorrow's projects will depend greatly on finding the right people today to manage them. When interviewing candidates, look closely at these 10 areas of qualification. While time consuming, hiring "tough" is an essential upfront process that pays off, again and again.

In his book Monday Morning Leadership, David Cottrell uses the phrase "hire tough." He builds on this phrase by emphasizing the following two points: (1) The most important asset in your company is having the right people on your team, (2) Never lower your standards just to fill a position — you will pay for it later.
Truer words were never spoken especially when it comes to selecting the person who will be at the helm of your investments — your program manager (PM). Many studies show that the implementation of complex programs has a poor record of success, with nearly three-fourths of these initiatives either failing or running into trouble. Those initiatives that do reach completion typically absorb twice the time and funding as the original estimate. While many factors contribute to this trend, one solid approach to reversing it is to ensure that you have a PM who knows his or her way around managing programs. So what should you look for when you need to find a candidate to perform this key role and drive results in your organization? Here are …

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