Project Management

'Mastering' Project Plans

Software designers realized a long time ago that in order for their programs to be maintainable, they should design them to be modular. This means breaking the program into more manageable sub-modules rather than creating one large behemoth program. Using a modular approach allows developers to tackle the code incrementally, assign specific sub-modules to different developers and easily test code and isolate problem areas.
While most project managers understand the concept of modularity, few have made the link between modularity and project management. PMs more often than not tend to develop lengthy project plans and then spend countless hours trying to keep them up-to-date. Once they realize that they've created a management nightmare, they either schedule daily half-hour meetings with the project team to review their mile-long schedule or simply abandon their plan.
Unless you enjoy bogging down your entire project team while they watch you update your schedule in real-time, consider breaking your large project plan into subprojects and delegating some or all of them. Reorganize your master project and store the tasks in individual files keeping in mind the following logical groupings:
By Project Manager
If you supervise several project managers working on parts of a larger project or in a program with multiple projects running concurrently, give each project …

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