PPM Software Evaluation Criteria

The following section provides additional questions and considerations for Vendors. While refining these selection criteria for your specific needs, consider what your organization requires related to vendors.

Vendors (questions and considerations)

- How stable is the vendor? 
- How long have they been in business? 
- Have they ever had financial problems? 
- Have they ever declared bankruptcy? 

- What is the revenue of the vendor? 
- Are they too small? Too large? 
- Are there sufficient financial resources that they will be able to stay in business? 
- Do they have a sufficient revenue base to support continued product investment? 

Installed base
- What is the installed base of software? 
- How many organizations use it? 
- How many organizations are similar to yours? 
- What are the experiences of other organizations in installing and adapting the software? 

- What partners does the vendor have? 
- Do they support integration with your other software platforms? 
- Are there partnership relationships that are valuable to you as an organization? 

Support policies
- What level of support does the organization provide? 
- Is support included, or is it extra? 
- What is the response …

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