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Mike Donoghue is a member of a multinational information technology corporation where he collaborates on the communications guidelines and customer relationship strategies affecting the interactions with internal and external clients. He has analyzed, defined, designed and overseen processes for various engagements including product usability and customer satisfaction, best practice enterprise standardization, relationship/branding structures, and distribution effectiveness and direction. He has also established corporate library solutions to provide frameworks for sales, marketing, training, and support divisions.

More than 100 years ago, the telephone was invented. The answering machine came around about 80 years ago…and voicemail a little more than a quarter century ago.
So why, even now, can't we get it right? We have phones on our hips, stuck in our ears and practically soldered into our craniums to make us available 24/7, but we still can't make what should be a simple concept work.
Ever call a company or an organization where no one answered…even during normal business hours? Did you feel like calling them again? Have you ever been greeted by a lackluster message that didn't give you what you needed, let alone a living, breathing person to talk to and help you out? What was your impression then?
Such a simple thing, yet phone non-service is still rampant despite our various innovations and customer strategies.
The Lack of Message
For those of us who remember the old frontier days of rotary phones, operators and people who actually answered incoming calls, it is hard to believe that we've become so dependent on technology to help us out and get so angry when the support isn't there.
Who's minding the store? Why is no one answering? Are they in trouble? Maybe they had a layoff and can't pay for a receptionist or answering service. Maybe they went out for coffee/lunch/afternoon tea/brandy and cigars…at the same time. Why isn't there at least a recording telling…

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