Project Management

Can We Call a Truce?

Jeffrey Krivis

Whether two key team members are fighting or a client is growing increasingly disgruntled, workplace conflict imperils projects. You can step in and help solve the problem. Here, a veteran mediator shares 10 experience-based tips for negotiating workplace conflicts.

Conflict happens. It happens in all areas of business. Disputes can arise between employees, between business partners, between a company and a client. And if such issues are not settled, bad things can happen. Good people quit. Profitable relationships dissolve. Great companies go under. This has always been true, of course. In a global economy the implications of conflict are more profound than ever before.
In a world where relationships matter more than ever, mediation skills matter more than ever. Companies can locate anywhere. People can work anywhere. Clients can stay with you or go with a competitor halfway around the globe. So whether you manage employees or clients or both, it’s critical to learn the art of bringing harmony out of conflict.
I serve corporations and individuals from all walks of life, helping them settle disputes before they end up in the courtroom. My new book, which is packed with stories from my own career, reveals some ways other mediators and I have helped people stop beating their metaphorical heads against metaphorical brick walls and reach …

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