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Change Management: It’s Just Not About the Process Flow

When it comes to a topic like change management, a great deal has been written about how to define and execute a successful change management process. Some common principles of an effective process include: 
  • Mapping the change request to the project objectives and ultimately the strategic goals of the company
  • Ensuring the change request can be quantified in relation to the impact to the project
  • Documenting the right process and identify approval authority in order to quickly execute the request
  • Sharing the change management process document with the project team during the kick-off meeting and you are good to go!
This would be great if the one-size-fits-all change management approach worked across all projects. This article will outline guiding principles to follow to ensure an effective change management strategy is in place for your next project.
Start Change Management Planning Early
Documenting a change management strategy is one of the tasks typically completed during the initial project phases. All too often, focusing on change management means providing a document that outlines how the process will work. This allows the project manager to check the box on a completed deliverable for the project charter. What it doesn’t ensure is the necessary planning was completed to guarantee the project …

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